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Korea Guide to: Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street

On this trip to Korea, my friends and I hit up many popular places. This includes Hongdae, Myeongdong, Sokcho and even Gwangjang market. But of all these places, I think my favourite could possibly be Ewha. Seeing how their target audience is generally youngsters being located right next to the famous Ewha Women’s University, many of the stores here are fashion forwards, trendy and of course, affordable. You can find bags at 10,000 won (~SGD $12), shoes at 20000 won and clothes between 5000 won to 20000 won. If you wish to see what I bought from Ewha, you can check out my clothing haul here, which features a ton of things including clothes and accessories. Even the cosmetics here are cheaper and have more ongoing promotions than other places! If you want to know some of the must-go shops for cosmetics (trust me you’ll thank me), food and fashion in Ewha, do keep on reading!

TIP: Do come here to purchase your cosmetics rather than Myeongdong. If you’ve read my Myeongdong blog post, you would know how the cosmetics here could be priced a lot less.



When my Dad told his colleague that I was going to Korea, she immediately texted me and told me I had to go to Baviphat. I was initially confused and wondered what Baviphat was and why it looked so dubious. I did some googling and realised it was a wholesale cosmetics and skincare shop that sold products for 1/2 to 2/3 the price of actual stores. When I first heard about it, I was excited, before becoming a little skeptical of the authenticity of the products. I decided to confirm with my Airbnb host and sent her photos of the products before she confirmed with me that they were all authentic. My greatest guess on the low prices would be that since most large Korean beauty brands work with only 2 main distributors, Baviphat could be getting stock directly from the distributors. Hence the low prices without the marking up of prices like retail stores normally do (just my own speculations!). I also noticed that they do not stock the whole range of products from each brand, rather only certain items.

Now that the disclaimer and verification of authenticity are out of the way, you’re probably wondering, how I do shop there? Basically, all items in the store have 2 prices labelled, one is the price they are selling each item individually for (which is already cheaper than the brick n mortar stores of each brand) and the other price is the wholesale price (even cheaper!!!) for each item which they will charge you only if you spend above a certain amount of money (I think it was more than 400000 won or something like that?). Basically, there is a total of 3 price ranges. The lowest range will entitle you 10% of all your items. The middle range will give you everything tax-free and the highest range means you get all your items for the wholesale price and save a ton of money. I would highly advise going there to stock up on all you cosmetics goods and getting everything at the wholesale price.

Aside from cosmetics, they also have classic popular food items on sale such as honey butter chips and nuts, Yakult gummies, O’sulloc green tea spread and many others at cheaper prices as well. I actually bought a jar of O’sulloc matcha spread and when I went to the actual store in Myeongdong, I discovered that their expiry date is exactly the same which reinforces for me, the authenticity of the manufacturers of the goods and it’s more likely they came from the same place. Please do go to Baviphat and get some items if you can. It’s my ‘worth-it’ winner for sure.


If you watched my Korea fashion haul video, you would have noticed I bought a bag, a pair of shoes and many pairs of socks from Ewha. here, you can find many shops that sell shoes made in Korea, but do remember to bargain down the prices! I managed to get 10000 won (~SGD$12) off my shoes! There are also a couple of shops selling bags. If you can find the store we went to, the corner store of one of the lanes with the loveliest and friendliest ahjumma, you’ll be able to get the best prices for bags with each only costing 10000 won. They’re pretty much the cheapest ones you can get.

There are also a couple of stores that sell socks at a pair for 1000 won (~1SGD $1.20). They have a ton of designs on sale with all types of styles for the same price. It’s the perfect place to stock up on socks and I bought some princess ones and some animal ones for my friends. I even got one with a cartoon of the sloth from zootopia for my dad! It’s almost impossible to find such prices in Singapore so don’t miss out!


DSC09673As for clothes, there are some stores that mark up their prices a little higher. If you’re on a budget like we were, do keep an eye out for sale signboards or clothing racks lining the streets. Usually, stores like to display a sale rack with clothes between 5000 (~SGD $6) won to 10000 won outside their stores to capture the attention of shoppers. Keep your eyes peeled for gems and dig through each rack carefully and you’ll be surprised by the number of good finds you can emerge with.

TIP: Do note however, that most of the items I bought on the sale racks are of poorer quality as they are fast fashion items with poor workmanship. The clothing items sold at higher prices in the store look a lot more put together with higher quality fabric and some even have handmade elements in them. It really depends on what youre looking for so just watch your budget and know your style!


When you’re tired of all the shopping, it’s time to take a break and find some good eats. People know that shopping and eating have to come hand-in-hand and many food shops have decided to open some finger food stores and eateries along the streets of Ewha. These are some of the food we tried and in fact, some of them were the best things we ate on our whole trip.




Right outside the store A’PIEU, is an ahjumma with her tent selling some streetfood of tteokbokki, fishcakes, oden and sundae. As you can see from this delicious looking bowl of tteokbokki, this was the best tteokbokki we had on our entire trip and we even made a trip back to Ewha 2 days later just to have it again before we left. These tteokbokkki are a little fatter and shorter than the Tteobokki we generally find in Singapore. They have a perfectly smooth, bouncy and chewy consistency, piping hot to the core and melts in your mouth. Each piece is so well soaked in the sauce that each mouthful is an explosion of spicy, sweet and gooey flavour. If you can spot the ahjumma above, do have a go at her food and show her this photo to make her feel appreciated. Let her know her food is loved from around the world!



To be completely honest, I can’t remember the name of this stall that sold corn dogs in Ewha, but it’s definitely easy to find. Located on one of the large streets in Ewha, this shop has developed a strong customer base, judging from the long queue of students waiting to get their afternoon snack. Here, they offer 4 variations of corndogs. I don’t remember what were the different flavours and combination, but we bought the plain corndog with cheese, wrapped in flour dough and bread crumbs and finally dusted with sugar. Once served to you, you can pretty much add any combination of sauces you desire, ranging from chilli to ketchup, mustard, cheese and even garlic cheese. It’s a pretty basic idea but is a really fun treat to have mid shopping. Nothing too spectacular, but yummy as well.

Blackburn’s ice cream


This is hands-down the best dessert I ate in the entire trip (if you don’t count the sweet potato along Myeongdong food street) and is in fact, possibly the best thing I ate as a whole. This pink and black soft serve may not look like much, but it’s packed full of flavour. The pink colour actually comes from Sakura flavour and the black part is black sesame. The 2 flavours compliment each other perfectly well, each mouthful a perfectly soft, fluffy and rich consistency. The flavours of both are bold and can be eaten alone, but together they bring out the best in each other and fuses into a mouthful of sweet, decadent goodness. I was taken aback when I had the first mouthful and went back for more just 2 days later because I knew I could not leave without having it again. Typing this now is making my mouth water, a definite must go, even if there’s a distance to get there.

Amasvin Bubble tea 아마스빈 버블티


This bubble tea store attracted me because of the cute colours and logo. It also seemed pretty popular among the people there with a mini queue forming. They had a huge range of bubble tea flavours, way more than one can get in Singapore. I decided to go for a more unique flavour and noticed they had a sweet potato one. If you read my post on Myeongdong street food, you would know that I fell in love with the sweet potato sold there. Hence, I wanted to see what it would be like in a drink. To be honest, I was really pleasantly surprised! It tasted a little bit like they mashed the caramelised parts of the sweet potato and added it into the drink, providing a hint of sweetness, not overpoweringly. I could taste small bits of the potato and it lent the milk tea a creamy texture which I really enjoyed. The black pearls were good and chewy too! I would totally order it again should I come across it. Do give it a go if you’re into sweet potatoes or caramel, creamy textures.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and know what to check out when you’re in Ewha! Ewha is really a beautiful place with good shopping, food and people. there’s pretty much something for everyone and if you’re on holiday with your girl friends, it’s definitely a key place to visit. Do let me know if you’re heading to Korea and tell me if there’s anywhere else I should go to! Happy eating and shopping!

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