KOREA fashion haul 2017

We made it! We’ve finally arrived at part 3, the final part of my Korea haul, which is all about fashion and the clothing/ shoes/ accessories I picked up on this trip. As compared to cosmetics and skincare, this is definitely a lot less, but it’s not to disappoint either. So if you’re interested, just keep reading!


Chuu -5kg Jeans

Chuu -5kg jeans haul 2017 Korea3ce stylenanda haul

Located right opposite the iconic Stylenanda store in Hongdae, is a clothing store that’s been racking up a pretty hefty amount of attention recently. More famously known for their -5kg range, Chuu sells clothes from tops to bottoms and their best sellers are their denim skirts, shorts and jeans. Their -5kg shorts, skirts and jeans are made to give the illusion of a slimmer bottom, as though one has lost 5kg. While I must say they have over-promised, I picked up a pair of black denim jeans with ripped knee holes and they are without a doubt flattering. I’ve been really enjoying wearing them thus far and would recommend them if you’re stopping by Korea!

TIP: Do note, however, that the sizing is definitely meant for smaller, more straight cut girls, understandably because it caters more to Korean girls. The denim shorts and skirt fit me weird and the slits for the knees on my denim jeans are actually on my lower thigh. If you’re taller or curvier, do reconsider! 

Shoopen Light Pink Sandals

Hongdae shopping fashion haul 2017 koreaHongdae shopping fashion haul 2017 korea

Shoopen is a large single story shoes and bags store in Hongdae and the only way I can really describe it would be to say it resembles Rubi in Singapore. I picked up only 1 item, a light pink pair of heels and they are by far THE MOST comfortable heels I own. I’ve worn them twice so far, once even to clubbing and got no blisters on my feet whatsoever. A rare feat if you’ve seen what my feet’s been through with some other pairs of shoes.

TIP: Shopping at Shoopen is completely self-service which means you take the shoes out to try them and return them back yourself. The sizes and boxes are all on display so you never know who’s worn them before you! I’d recommend checking the boxes and trying on both sides before purchasing. (I may have mixed and matched 2 different sides of size 39s from different boxes which I felt were the newest looking oops)

Shoopen Tote Bag

Hongdae Shoopen fashion haul Korea

The tote bags on sale there were really affordable and I got mine at 5000 won (~6 SGD). Mine says ‘Seriously I have nothing to wear’ which is a lie, I’ll admit, but it sounded so bratty I bought it (logic?). I bought a black one because I thought it’d match all my outfits more easily. They had a wide range of pastels so if you’re into that you can check it out as well! In my opinion, the bag is a little small and the straps too short, but for the price, I really can’t complain.


Barbapapa Shirt Dress

Ewha shopping fashion haul 2017 korea

I bought this shirt dress from a shop named Besetto, mainly because my other 2 friends wanted to get one each so all 3 of us could match. I honestly don’t think I’ll be wearing it out anytime soon, but I have worn them to sleep and of course, you would have seen them in this video plus my previous 2 which were on the Korean skincare products and makeup products I bought.

Black Shorts

Ewha shopping fashion haul 2017 koreaKorea fashion haul 2017 Ewha shopping

This pair of black shorts is probably the only item I haven’t worn up till now. It’s still hanging in my cupboard as I search for the right opportunity. They resemble hot pants a little but aren’t so short that my butt cheeks are hanging out, which is extremely important to me. The material is similar to the Chuu jeans and is that same stretchy denim that is still thick enough to hold your figure in place. It fits really nicely around the waist as well! My friend bought the same pair and she has a smaller waist and a bigger hip but it fit her perfectly too, so I’d recommend it if you’re curvier.

Aloha Oversized Top

Banana fish is a shop in Ewha that sold many clothing pieces I found myself gravitating towards. Unfortunately, many of them were priced over 30000 won (~35 SGD) and I wasn’t willing to spend that much. I found this gem on the sale rack hanging outside for only 5000 won and it’s another one of those items that I’m not sure when I’ll ever wear out again, but is really comfortable and I wore it on the plane back! It’s just an oversized white tee with an icon on the left chest that reads ‘Aloha’. How could I say no?

Socks (Scrump, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and plain pink)

Korea fashion haul 2017 Ewha shoppingKorea fashion haul 2017 Ewha shopping

Socks are pretty much everywhere in Korea at a standard price of 1000 won per pair (~1.20 SGD). I bought a couple for myself, mainly the Disney princess ones because they were too cute to resist, and brought back a couple for my friends as well!

Floral Skirt

Korea fashion haul 2017 Ewha shopping

I found this floral skirt in the ewha mrt station and it was going at only 5000 won. It’s free size and is even lined so I hurriedly grabbed it. It’s a flare skirt and I’ve since altered it myself, to make it more tapered in with a better fit around my bottom.

Denim Midi Skirt

Korea fashion haul 2017 Ewha shopping

This was probably one of my favorite fashion buys in Korea and it’s from the same shop as the floral skirt. It was only 10,000 won with an elastic waist at the back and flows down to my shin, midi length. The buttons are all the way down the front as well and the pockets in the front are real! The only problem I faced was that I tried it on again in Singapore and it was way to big for me. I think I have to get it altered again but I really cannot wait to wear it.

Scallop Low Heel Sandals

Ewha shopping fashion haul 2017 korea

I haven’t actually worn this pair of sandals out yet but I’m excited to and hope they won’t kill my feet. I was a little reluctant to purchase this at first with its hefty price of 35000 won (>40 SGD) but after negotiating it down to 25000 won, I felt obliged to get it. Still pricey I would think, but it’s made in Korea so hopefully, the workmanship is great and it’ll last me years. It’s a standard low heel (2-3 inch) black sandal but the thing I love about it most is definitely the scallop at the top of the shoe. It compliments my skin tone so well and elongates my legs, making it look more feminine!

Maroon and Beige Bucket Bag

Ewha shopping fashion haul 2017 korea

The last time I went to Korea, was about 6 years ago and I distinctly remember buying a ton of bags from Ewha. This time round, I revisited (most probably if my memory didn’t fail me) the same shop run by the sweetest ahjumma. However, I only purchased 1 bag, for 10,000 won (~12 SGD) and my friends purchased the same one in different colours. It’s a simple bucket bag that’s big enough to keep my necessities without being too bulky. I bought the maroon and beige one because I have quite a few black and brown bags already and wanted to inject some colour into my collection.

TIP: The best and most affordable place to buy bags in Seoul is most probably Ewha. We went to Dongdaemun to look at the items and the very same bag selling for 10,000 won in Ewha was selling for 58,000 won in Dongdamun (~70 SGD). Do make sure you don’t get scammed!

Rose Gold Hoop Earings

Ewha shopping fashion haul 2017 korea

I was actually on a hunt for a pair of obnoxiously large silver hoops because I’ve been seeing them everywhere and wanted to hop into the trend. However, I spotted this pair of rose Gold hoops which were too pretty to pass up and are the right size for casual wear. It’s big enough to be noticed but isn’t that dramatic! It was also the last pair and hence I felt the obligation to take it.


White and Black Sheer Long Sleeve Tops

Korea Gangnam underground shopping haulKorea Gangnam underground shopping haul

If you’ve been to Brandy Melville you’ve probably seen these tops around! In Brandy Singapore, one of these tops are selling for about $40 SGD, granted they are of much better quality. I purchased both of these tops for a total of 10,000 won (~12 SGD) which is a total bargain for me because I’m sure I’ll be bored of this style soon and didn’t want to spend so much money on them.

Floral Green Midi Dress

Korea Gangnam underground shopping haul

In Korea, there’s a huge trend of strapless sundresses and tops thrown over a long sleeved high neck top. In fact, this trend has even been brought to Singapore and I often see girls dressed that way. While I think it’s cute, it’s too common in my opinion and everyone’s starting to look the same. The main reason I bought this dress is because it has adjustable straps which means in Korea, I could wear it over a long sleeved top and test the trend, while in Singapore I could wear it alone. Many of the tops on sale there do not have adjustable straps which was a problem because none of us were willing to wear a top under it in Sunny Singapore. I also liked the print and have never owned a midi dress in this style so I bought it especially since it was only 10,000 won!

And that leads me to the end of my very lengthy 3 part haul series. I’m really thankful to have been able to go on this trip with my friends and for all the memories shared. I’m currently working on editing a couple of vlogs and ‘Guide tos’ for both my YouTube channel and my Blog so do keep yourself subscribed and followed if you’re interested! Unfortunately I’m insanely busy these couple of weeks and the uploads will likely be slow, but I’m working on it and I’m thankful for the patience (-: do let me know if you’ve been to Seoul and have any tips on shopping there/ amazing food to check out!

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Kisses & Lipstick Smudges,



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