KOREA beauty makeup cosmetics HAUL

KOREA Beauty and Makeup Haul

On my most recent trip to Korea, I lost a little self-control and picked up way more skincare and makeup than I actually needed. On the plus side, I get to share what I bought with everyone through my blog and videos. If you have not already seen my previous video and blog post on the skincare I purchased in Korea, you can view it here. But for today, we’re going to be tackling makeup, brands including, 3CE, Too Cool For School, Clio, Peripera, The SAEM, Aritaum, Olive Young, Etude House Banila.Co, The face shop, Tony Moly and of course, PONY effect will be featured.

Once again, there is a lot to get through, so get yourself a drink, a pen and paper to take notes, and let’s get started.


3CE is one of my favourite Kbeauty brands and is in fact, one of the brands that paved the way into korean beauty for me. I first discovered it in Singapore Sephora and used their shimmer stick as well as the glossful waterfull foundation and never looked back. On this trip to Korea, I was certain I was going to get more products from their range to try out and here is what I came back with.

Korea 3ce makeup haul

3CE Plain Black Mirror

A simple hand held mirror that I thought would be perfect for filming makeup tutorials or even just travelling with. I current don’t have a handheld mirror so I thought why not get a classy and chic one from one of my favourite Korean brands?

3CE Mesh Foundation

This is a relatively new range and product from 3CE. This mesh foundation has a netting and the product only surfaces when pressed with a cushion. The coverage is medium to light but leaves an airbrushed finish. I’ve used it for almost a month now and absolutely love it. This is actually my first time using a BB cushion and I must say, I’m possibly a convert.

3ce Stylenanda Blush Cushion- #Girlish Red

I bought this blush because it was all over 3CE’s Instagram and when I saw it in store I felt obliged. I chose this colour because it’s the darkest but is also very blendable and applies like a tint. I haven’t used it just yet but I’m excited to see how it goes!

3CE Eye Primer

I’ve never heard anything about this product but I’ve run out of my Urban decay eye primer potion so I decided to try it out and bought one for my mom too!

3CE lipstick- #212 Moon

This range of 3CE lipsticks are basically all reds with different hues. Some others are lighter with a more orange base, while the one I bought is slightly darker with the slightest berry undertone. I like shades with berry undertones more because I think they compliment my skin tone and orange tones tend to make my teeth look more yellow. I would also like to mention that this packaging is to die for, extremely classy and a definite constant in my makeup pouch even if I’m not using it for the day.

3CE Lip Marker- #Maroon Pink

This lip marker may look intimidating atfirst, but its watery tint formula is actually just a light wash of colour when applied which can be easily smudged and blended. I bought a berry shade which is great for daily use.

3CE Stylenanda Sparkling Liquid Pigment

I bought this sparkling pigment because I’ve seen so much hype about it and when I swatched it in store, I was blown away. I’ve never seen another company release a similar multi-purpose product that nails the sparkle and pigmentation like this one. The sparkle in it is insane and the slightest bit goes a long way. I bought the multi-coloured sparkle one but they do sell others with colour schemed sparkles, such as pink.


As I mentioned in my skincare video, I have an affinity with Too Cool for School when it comes to Skincare which is basically why I decided I had to try some of their makeup as well. Too cool for school is a brand based in New York although their products are all manufactured and originates from Korea.

Korea Too cool for school makeup haul

Artclass by Rodin Contour

This contour is said to be similar to Hoola by Benefit which I’m not surprised by because although Too Cool For School is a Korean brand, their headquarters is in New York and is catered to Western skin tone as well.

Artclass by Rodin Highlighter

Both this highlighter and the contour is really popular and is one of the best-selling Too Cool For School products. This highlighter is a powder that provides a nice shine without being too overboard.

Play Cheek Angel Blusher

I haven’t tried this blusher, but it’s packaging includes a peachy-pink powder blusher and a built-in mini puff, perfect for travelling!

Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara

I’ve actually seen this mascara quite a while ago and have wanted to get my hands on one ever since. This mascara has a twisty knob at the bottom that allows you to bend the wand to get into the difficult corners of the eye. In my opinion, the idea behind it is so creative and fascinating, the only issue I have with it is the fact that it isn’t waterproof.

Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner

This eyeliner was a free gift because I spent a lot of money in the store. It comes with a crayon type black liner and another sponge tip to blend it out. If you’re looking for a black liner that draws precise thin black lines, then this is definitely not for you. But if you want to achieve an effortless smokey look by smudging out eyeliner, then you should definitely consider this.


Clio is a brand that I’m new to and only found out about recently, the same goes for many of the brands featured in my skincare video. The packaging of their items tend to be more professional looking though the prices are affordable and the quality of the products are reliable. They have a sub-brand under them, Peripera which focuses a lot more on cute-sy packaging. Peripera is most famous for their lip tints so I knew I wanted to get my hands on some, but on the way I got distracted and ended up getting some other things as well.

Korea clio peri pera makeup haul

Peripera Oil Capture Pact

I’ve been needing a compact powder since my Elf one is about 5 years old now and when I came across this Peripera Oil Capture pact I was instantly attracted to it because its so similar to the Innisfree no sebum mineral setting powder that everyone raves about. The puff of this is so soft and just the touch of it makes me want to use it.

Peripera Peri’s ink MiniMini Set

This entire set was on sale when I bought it for less than 15 SGD. It comes with 2 original lip tints in the shades ‘No Quartz’ which is a limited edition colour and ‘No way’, as well as a velvet one in the colour ‘sellout’ and a moist one in ‘Top Red’. Along with it also comes an INK Drop BB 2 in the shade Bright Beige. I’ve been trying out lip tints and I’ve tried the peripera one before and really like it so I thought I’d pick up the mini ones of some other colours!

Peripera Milk Moist Pact- #2 Milk Beige

This compact is different from other BB cushions because instead of a liquid formula, it is a cream. The cream has swirls of white and beige and smells a little like baby powder. I decided to try it out because I’ve never seen anything like it and wanted to see if it’s any good.

Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow- #7 Hot In Here

When I swatched this on my hand instore, I knew it was going to be amazing. As I mentioned in the video, this product is somewhat like a chubby stick in a dark burgundy/ bronzy shade with intense pigmentation and shimmer. It’s such an easy ‘all over the lid’ colour and the staying power is amazing. I swatched this on my hand in Korea and left the store before entering Etude House to swatch other similar products on my hand. The Etude House ones not only paled in colours, but also rubbed off by the end of the day. The Clio Gelpresso shadow however, lasted all day and I could not get it off until I used makeup remover. Highly highly recommend!

Kill Brown Waterproof Pen Liner

I bought this product mainly because PONY draws in her lower lashes using a brown liquid eyeliner and I want to do the same. I currently don’t own any brown liners and would like to achieve the same effect, hence I bought it!


I’ve never heard of the SAEM until I started doing my research on some of the makeup brands that are popular in Korea and I realised how many people rave about their concealers and foundations. I have ordered the tip concealer before but it was a shade too light so it made my under eyes look ashy. This time in Korea, I went in and picked up the darkest shade which is perfect for my skin tone as well as some other concealers from the range. I can totally see what the hype is about, with the affordable price (5-6 SGD per concealer) to the amazing formula, I don’t think I’m going to be trying out other concealers any time soon.

Korea The Saem makeup haul

Cover Perfection Tip Concealer- #02

This concealer is really similar to the collection 2000 concealer which I used in the past and was my Holy Grail. Unfortunately, that product is difficult for me to get my hands on because it’s only available in the UK. This concealer, I really like although it is a little more matte than I would prefer and the colour selection is very limited.

Cover Perfection Tip Concealer- Salmon

Salmon shades are great for canceling out purple tones such as under eye circles which is why I like to apply this to my under eyes before applying the shade #02 over it. I find them a great match and it gives me a natural glow instead of looking ashy and cakey.

Cover Perfection Pot Concealer- #02

This concealer is great for blemishes because it has a much higher coverage than the tip concealers. It’s really similar to the Mac Studio fix concealer but is only a fraction of the price at 5000 won (6 SGD) and I actually like this more because it doesn’t break me out and is the perfect pasty consistency! A definite constant and new favourite of mine.


Aritaum is a store in Korea that stocks a couple of brands such as Modi nails, laneige, mamonde and mono eyes all in one place. I decided to only pick up their nail polishes and falsies which are highly raved about and skipped the eye shadows.

Korea Aritaum makeup haul

IdolLash No. 11- Wanna Be a Model, No. 13- Stage

I have yet to try these lashes on but i can see why people love them. Unlike most falsies, the band of these lashes are so thin they will stick to your lashes effortlessly and subtly. The lashes look as natural as normal lashes and I’ve never seen any other falsies look this realistic. Really excited to try them out!

Modi Nails- #1 (white), #213 (black),  #222 (pink)

I bought these nail polishes simply because I needed to stock up on some colours and I’ve heard great stuff about them. Unfortunately, I’ve tried them out and I have to say I’m not a fan of the formula and can’t see what the hype is about. My friend who went with me actually bought both this and the WAKEMAKE nail polishes from Olive Young and said that the WAKEMAKE ones are a lot better. So save yourself some experimentation and go get those instead, they’re in a similar price range too!


I’ve heard of Olive Young before, it’s basically a drugstore in Korea. However, I have never heard of art deco, not even before I went on this trip. I happened to see them promoting this brand in the store and thought the colours in the palette were so pretty, plus I need to replace my Naked 2 palette, so I picked them up. Both of these palettes were less than 20 SGD each so they’re extremely affordable.

Korea Olive young art deco makeup haulKorea Olive young art deco makeup haul

Most Wanted- rose to go

This palette has neutral to pinky colours and is similar to the Naked Basics palette except it has darker shades. I bought it in the ‘to-go’ size because I still have my current Naked 2 palette and didn’t think I’d need that many neutral shades.

Most Wanted- smokey meets metallic

This palette has darker and more shimmery colours, perfect for a smokey eye. I will say, however, that the pigmentation of these are not great. When I swatched them in store, for some reason the pigmentation looked amazing and I fell in love. But having used them more now that I’m in Singapore, I realised the fallout is intense and the colour pay off on the actual lid is pretty weak. Not sure if I would recommend this palette anymore!


This is a brand known to pretty much every Singaporean because it’s pinky, cutesy style is hard to miss. Perhaps one of the most popular affordable Korean cosmetic brand in Singapore, I tend to stay away from Etude House simply because I think the packaging is too girly for me and there’s not much fun in trying products that everyone else is already using.

Korea Etude house makeup haul

Drawing Eye Brow- #3

I picked up a standard eyebrow pencil because these are crazy cheap (2 SGD?) in Korea and you can’t really go wrong with a standard eyebrow crayon/pencil.

Tint My Brows Gel- #3 Gray Brown

This item, I have seen all over YouTube and it has been on such a hype. Everyone has been trying it out and the responses seem great! Basically, you just leave this tint on your brows for more than 2h and it’s supposed to tint your brows for up to 2 weeks. I’ve tried it out once and really like it, except I bought a colour too dark for my hair and it looked a little weird.

TIP: The loveliest friend of mine (Tq crys if you’re reading) told me that you should leave this tint overnight if you want it to last up to 2 weeks. If you leave it on for 2h, they will only last 3-4 days! Not to worry about staining your sheets because this stuff dries and hardens on your brows pretty darn quick. 


Korea Banila.Co makeup haul

Prime Primer Classic

I’ve been wanting to try a new primer because I’ve been using the Benefit porefessional for a pretty long time now and think it’s time for a change. I’ve heard decent stuff about this primer so I picked on up.


Korea The face shop makeup haul

Trolls Nail Polish- TR005

I am unfortunately, not a fan of this formula although I do love the colour. Once again as I said with the other 3 MODI nail polished I purchased from Aritaum, save your money for the WAKEMAKE ones instead.


Korea Tony Moly makeup haul

INKED Cushion Gel Liner

I only bought one item from TonyMoly because, to be honest, I’m not quite sure how to shop in there. The store sells many Pokemon and cartoon related products which I tend to avoid and am not a fan of. Thus I only picked up one item, which is this popular gel liner. The fountain brush at the top can be detached to reveal a brush which can be dipped into the detachable bottom the of the ‘pot’ which stores the gel liner beneath a net surface. I’ve used this liner a few times and like it thus far, however, I am afraid the liner will dry out quickly.


I came to Korea knowing I wanted to buy something from PONY effect, but unlike most of the brands whereby I did my research and knew exactly what I wanted from each brand, I did not know what I wanted from PONY effect. PONY effect is founded by the popular makeup artist and YouTube celebrity, PONY who does amazing makeup tutorials and provide the best tips. I absolutely love her and had to get my hands on some of her products even if I didn’t need them. You can find PONY effect in MEMEBOX in Korea or Lotte Duty Free which is where I got mine!

Korea PONY effect makeup haul

Flat Brush- #202

I thought, why not get something that will not run out and can last for a longer period of time? So I bought a flat brush that I can apply eyeshadow easily all over the lid with. I love flat brushes and use it a lot, so it was a good investment piece for me. This being said, the price was also exceptionally affordable with the brush being less than $20!

I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip- #005 Innocent Beige 

The Sales lady at the counter actually recommended this to me. It’s a lip product that produces 2 shades in the applicator for an instant gradient lip. However, unlike most gradient products, this is a not a tint and is very much opaque, even drying velvet! She mentioned that it is one of the best sellers aside from the BB cushion and I can totally see why.

Finally! We have actually reached the end of this insanely long post about all the makeup I purchased in Korea. I hope you enjoyed reading this post/ watching the haul video! Do let me know which of these products you would like me to review and comment down below if you’ve tried any of the products here/ have any others to recommend.

Don’t forget to find me on social media:

Instagram: joyjoydarlingxx

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Kisses & Lipstick Smudges,



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