Dealing with an acne outbreak

DISCLAIMER: May cause goosebumps, please do not read if you’re sensitive to triggering photos.

For those of you reading this, you were probably curious after watching my YouTube video or saw my Instagram post, or simply have an acne issue you can’t seem to tackle. Either way, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a blogpost about my recent acne breakout after I came back from Phuket.  ENJOY!

For those of you who didn’t watch the video and are not sure what I’m talking about, you can check out the video here. I talk about how I ended up with an acne breakout and what I did to treat it within a week, without having to see a dermatologist! This post is mainly for you to see the severity of the breakout and the whole recovery process. I hope it will be useful and you don’t get goosebumps when looking at the pics HAHA.


SIGH these were the last good photos before everything went downhill. Taken on 3rd January 2017, 2 days before flying off on my trip. If you’re wondering why I took photos of my skin even then, it was actually because I had changed up my skincare routine and my skin was looking pretty good. I was going to monitor it and film an ‘updated skincare routine’ so you can only imagine the irony and dread I felt when everything turned for the worse.


We arrived back in Singapore on the 7th of January and I moved back into my Dorm in school on the 8th. I started to panic because after showering because I looked in the mirror and realised there were many red bumps on my skin. I wasn’t sure whether they were rashes or a breakout so I decided to leave it though I was feeling really stressed and anxious about it.


The next day I woke up and washed my face, realising it looked even worse. The patchiness and redness were even clearer in daylight and I wasn’t sure what to do still.


I concluded by this day that it was an acne breakout as the acne was starting to look clearer with white heads. My face was also perpetually oily and greasy. It also couldn’t be a rash because they weren’t itchy at all.


I read up online about acne and decided to use my clay mask on this day because apparently that’s great for acne skin. I used the Michael Todd Kaolin Clay Mask which is an exfoliating mask which unclogs pores. It unclogged my pores and allowed the impurities to surface resulting in all the acne growing and developing intensely. The mask was purging my skin and was escalating the growth process so that it could clear more quickly as well.


I used the clay mask again for the second day in a row and I can see it taking effect especially in my forehead area. Some of the initial acne on my forehead was gone and the growing ones subsided.


The redness of the acne have clearly gone down which means they’re starting to die down. My skin is no longer as oily and has stopped reacting. No more new white head pimples growing!


Even in daylight you can see that the redness is gone and now it’s more of scars and the last bit of acne left to heal. My forehead was pretty much completely free of pimples and majority of the scarring was left on my cheeks.


Almost everything is gone! This is where the waiting game begins. Usually skin takes about 4-6 weeks to regenerate so the scars should take about that long to disappear as well. Time to stick to my usual routine and ensure my face is clean at all times.


The waiting game continues but my skin has started to get its glow back!


3 weeks in and viola! My skin is definitely not as good as new and as you can see there are still a couple of small scars, but on a whole, it’s looking radiant and bright again, clear of redness and oil. I’m really really pleased with that!

I just thought I’d share this experience for people who are curious or are suffering from an acne breakout. I’ve never had such a severe breakout before except when I was 14 and went to see a dermatologist to get it treated. For only about a week to get the acne to subside and the redness to disappear, I think that’s pretty impressive if I may say so myself! I’m just really thankful that everything’s better now.

I hope this post was useful in showing you my breakout recovery process. I know this is something that many people struggle with so I thought I’d just share my 2 cents worth of knowledge. If you want to see in detail what I did and my greatest tips on managing such a breakout, do head over to the video on my YouTube channel and give it a like and subscribe while you’re there as well! If you have any questions, do leave them in the comments below or on my YouTube video. I will be sure to read it and answer to the best of my abilities. Till then, have a great week ahead!

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