winter wonderland makeup tutorial

Winter Wonderland Makeup Look // Glitter hair trend

Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone! By the time this post is up, the festive season would be coming to an end and the excitement would be dying down, making room for some Chinese New Year prep instead. This year, I wasn’t up to much for Christmas so I decided to try out the new glitter hair trend with makeup to match, for the festive season! Seeing how I already previously created a friendlier and warmer Christmas makeup look, I decided to go for something a little more glitzy, glam and a tad bit crazy. While you may not be rocking this to a small family gathering or a simple dinner, I think it’d be pretty fun for a party with friends where there’ll be lots of fun and laughter.

So without further ado, here is how you achieve this look!

Hair glitter

This is my favourite part of the look and is pretty much what ties everything together. It’s so easy to make and the outcome is stunning. You’ll be the eye of the party! All you need is some gel, glitter and sequins or nail art decorations. Place one tablespoon of the hair gel into a bowl and add in the glitters of your choice! In this case, I added silver glitter, heart-shaped and star-shaped silver nail art designs, as well as mini light blue rhinestones meant for nails as well. I stirred them all together using a plastic spoon and started to apply them to my hair using my fingertips.

You should apply the mixture along the parting of your hair, trying not to touch the scalp. Thought it’s pretty much harmless, I would try to just trace the line of the parting instead of smearing it all over your scalp. I also added some to my braids at the front so there’s a waterfall effect.

Tip: You can pretty much mix and match and use whatever you have at home. Try to use a clear gel so it’s invisible when applied to the hair! Only the glitters and sparkles will remain this way (~:

Base makeup

silver glitter hair tutorial

Now on to the makeup! You will want to moisturise and start with a nice clean face before any makeup application. For this look, a full makeup base coverage would be good to provide a cleaner and smoother canvas to work on. You can see how I do this base here.


If you watched my recent vlog on my trip to Kuala Lumpur, you’d see that I caved and purchased the Benefit Gimme Brow brow gel in shade 5. I actually really like this product because it’s so easy to use and carry around. I simply brush this all over my eyebrows following it’s natural (threaded) shape and fill in any gaps to make it fuller and darker. I also ran a little of the glitter gel over my brows to set them and add a little sparkle.

Eye primer

Before putting on any eye shadow, I always prime my lids to make sure they’re smooth and even in colour. It also helps to ensure my eyeshadow lasts longer and doesn’t slide off my face during the day (though many a times it still happens sigh).

Ps: If anyone has any good eye primers to recommend, please do! 

Eye Shadow

Next, I whip out my good ol’ trusty Nars dual intensity eye shadow in the shade pool shark  (a light blue shimmery shade) and place it all over my eyelids. This one’s really good with a strong pigmentation. I do highly recommend Nars dual intensity eye shadows!

Following pool shark, I used the shade Callisto (a bright silver shimmery silver shade with the slightest hint of purple) and placed it on the inner half of my lids, as well as the inner corners of my eyes. I find this method always works to make me look more awake and bright. It also brings emphasis to my double eyelids and when I blink, it reveals the slightest shimmer and colour which is so mysterious yet pleasant to look at.

Tip: I’ve been obsessed with using this 2 step method of eye shadow application recently. It’s so simple and no brushes are required because I simply use my hands! Lots of people have also complimented me on it recently so do try it out for yourself (-:

Eyelash curling

Shiseido eyelash curler review

As I mentioned in my previous blogpost, I prefer to do this step before my eyeliner to ensure it doesn’t smudge my liner later on.

Eye liner

This makeup look has a slightly more complicated eye liner process than my normal makeup looks. The 1st step includes a dark blue eyeliner. I used this liner to line a thick line on my top lids, creating a long and strong wing effect towards my eyebrow. Following that, I took some of the Callisto eye shadow and dabbed it on the liner to give is a more faded and blended look. You don’t want the blue liner to stand out too much or look too proper!

Using my trusty KatVonD liner,  I drew a standard line above my lids with a small wing, following the shape of the previous blue liner but stopping earlier. I found the look to be pretty top heavy with the eyes, so I drew liner on the outer corners of the lower lid later on as well, though not photographed.

Tear liner

Using my etude house tear liner, I added some sparkle to the lower inner corners of my eye to add some shine and make my eyes look rounder. This step of adding some shimmer to my inner lower lash line is a necessity for me as I find my eyes really unproportionate if I fail to do so.


I put 2 layers of Majolica Majorca lash king mascara to create thick and full black lashes. Following that, I added 1 coat of my ‘approach me’ series dark purple mascara to add a bit of a smokey effect. It’s not really necessary as it’s hardly noticeable, so don’t sweat it if you haven’t got such a coloured mascara.


Along with the Benefit Gimme Brow brow gel that I purchased in Kuala Lumpur, I also purchased the ever popular and highly-raved about bronzer, Hoola. I’ve heard amazing things about this but never caved because I was afraid it would only match the skin tone of Caucasians. However, my previous bronzer from Sleek was giving me some issues, leaving streak marks and making me look more orange than I really am, so I decided to try something new.

I must say that I was greatly impressed and may very well not use any other bronzers! It’s subtle, yet very easy to build, perfect for anyone whether or not you like your bronzer subtle or strong. It comes with a little brush inside which is surprisingly good although I usually just use my angled brush. I place it right below my cheekbones (remember to place it slightly above the hollow of your cheeks and not straight in the hollow!), temples and along the sides of my nose bridge to give the illusion of a sharper nose.


I skipped blush for this look because I was afraid it’d make me look too warm and cheery. I wanted to look colder (since it’s a winter wonderland look after all) which means I had to go paler. Highlighter is crucial in this look to achieve a healthy glow, instead of just looking sick and washed out from all the makeup. I used 3ce highlighter stick (which I didn’t know was a hype until a while after I bought it- I can see why though!) and drew lines on my cheekbones, down my nose bridge, forehead, cupid’s bow and chin. Using a beauty blender (old and gross one if I might add LOL), I blended it all out to give my face a nice dewy glow.


Finally, the lips! Try to avoid all colours that add warmth to your lips. I opted for this ultrashine lipstick by Nars which gives my lips a cool shine. It’s nude and pale and adds no warmth to my face which is great! On top of that, I dabbed a little of the Nars dual intensity eye shadow (Callisto) along the middle portions of my lips to make them look extra shiny as well as to achieve a cool gradient effect.

Face glitter and hair curling (optional)

This step is optional but I find it really adds depth to the look. I used  some of the same glitter hair gel and applied it to my cheek bones. When it dries, it may feel a little tight, but I think it’s pretty harmless to your face. I didn’t have any breakouts after and had no issues with it.

As for curling your hair, it totally depends on you! I prefer my hair curly and pretty much do it every day when I leave the house for something social. I just like how it looks on me (-:


That’s it! This is the completed Winter Wonderland Makeup Look, incorporating the glitter hair trend.  I honestly really enjoyed creating this and I think it turned out better than I expected (HAHA). To get the gel off my hair, I shampooed and conditioned twice and that pretty much did the trick, so it’s really not all that bad.

If you do try it out, be sure to let me know and tag me on instagram (come say hi I’d love to be friends!)! I would love to see your own spin on this trend and the colours you choose to work with. If you have any other trends you think i should try out do let me know as well and I’d be sure to check it out! Till then xx

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Instagram: @joyjoydarlingxx

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Kisses & Lipstick smudges,



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