Holiday glam makeup tutorial

Festive/ Christmas makeup look

10 days to Christmas and the countdown begins! This year for Christmas I’ve got lots of festivities to attend to and in fact am headed for about 5 parties. It’s also the time of year where all the YouTubers and bloggers get real festive and start coming up with new content for the holidays! I decided to jump on the band wagon and contribute creatively to the holiday spirit in my own way, so here I am to show you a holiday makeup look that you can wear to any party you’re headed to this year.

I love this look because I think it looks fresh and clean, yet sophisticated and polished. Just by changing the lipstick colour, you can change it’s suitability from day wear to night wear, picnic to party. It’s as simple as that. So let’s get started!

For this look, I started off with my regular base makeup routine which you can view here, to ensure I have a well moisturised and clean face to work on.


I started out by 1st filling in my brows with my Etude house eyebrow powder using the darkest shade. I tried my best to give my brows a stronger and darker look, though it is pretty hard to achieve without them looking artificial. I usually just try my best and go with it!

Eye primer

Next, I prime my eyes using Urban Decay primer potion. It’s important to prime your eyes especially when you live in Singapore where makeup will be melting off you face within minutes under the sweltering heat. It also ensures your eyelids are prepped and oil-free to serve as a good base for your eye shadow.

Eye shadow

Using my Nars cosmetics dual intensity eye shadow in the shade Phoebe, I used a flat eye shadow brush to pack it across my entire eyelid. We’re going for a more smokey look so you don’t have to be to precise or particular about the shape of application. You could even use your finger if you find it easier but just make sure it covers your lids. Using a small flat brush, lightly brush the outer lower corner of your eyes with the same shade as well.

Next, using another finger, I used the shade Callisto also from my Nars dual intensity eye shadow and packed it into the inner corners of my eye as well as the top and bottom of the inner eyelid. Be sure to blend the colours in the middle of the lid well as you don’t want  it to look like you just smacked 2 completely different blocks of colours, rather you want a more gradient effect. You can pretty much recreate this using any eye shadow you like. Just use a darker shade for the whole lid and a bright shimmery shade for the inner corners and inner lid. For the darker colour however, I wouldn’t recommend any colour too strong and bright as it may look tacky and clash with your lipstick if you’re going to rock a bold red lip. If you would like to find out more about the Nars dual intensity eye shadows however, you can check out my review for them here.

Tip: After applying the darker colour Phoebe, be sure to use another finger to pack on Callisto. I’ve found that when I used the same finger, the bright shimmer from Callisto doesn’t appear as vibrant on the eyes as it’s already been mixed with the darker colour on your finger. 

Lashes curl

The next step I did was to curl my lashes using my trusty Shiseido eyelash curler. I start by pressing it down nearest to my eyelid before inching it outwards and pressing it till I reach the end of my lashes. Try not to press too hard that kinks end up forming on your lashes. You’re trying to create a gentle slope upwards, not a 90 degrees angle with your lashes.

Tip: I always try to curl my lashes before eye liner as the eye lash curler when in contact with your eyelids could easily destroy that perfect eye liner line you just drew. Curling your lashes before will ensure your eye liner stays on point when you draw it on.


After curling my lashes, I go in with KatVonD tattoo liner and line the top of my eyes with a medium thickness and a downwards wing at the end. This gives my eyes a softer and warmer look as compared to if I drew my wing upwards. I then used the same liner to line the outer corners of my lower lash line as well. Lining the outer lower corner extends the eye making it look longer and bigger. Be sure not to line the entire lower line though as it could end up making your eyes too smaller.

On a side note, the KatVonD liner is new to me as I only recently caved and bought it during the Black Friday sale in Sephora, where all the items were 20% off. Before this, I always used the Etude house gel liner. While I still like the Etude house one, this is really a game changer for me. Drawing a thin, black, precise line has never been easier. Though pricey at about $35, I finally understand what the hype is all about. Don’t think I can use any other liners after this gem runs out.


The final step of the eyes would be to coat your lashes with generous coats of mascara. For this look, I used 3 coats for each eye to create darker, longer lashes. Since it’s a sophisticated party look, I wanted to achieve volumised and long lashes. You could also add a pair of falsies or the individual lash extensions for an even more dramatic effect. It’ll look great and super flirty for sure.


After the eyes are done, I move on to the  face and cheeks. As you can see from the image, there’s a total of 3 colours. The top colour is a light purple shade, the middle is a bright shimmery rose gold/pink colour, and the lowest swatch is a mixture of the 2. The purple blush colour is actually from Etude house and the sales lady told me it’s great for adding into other blushes to create new colour while working as a base as well. For this look, mixing the 2 colours created a baby pink shade with slight shimmer which I thought was really pretty for the apples of your cheeks to give a flush of colour.


I personally think this step is what ties most party looks together- a good contour. It’s definitely not something I do on a daily basis. In fact, I hardly contour my features unless I have a special date or event that day (or sometimes when I’m just feeling real fat). I used an angled brush and took some product from my Sleek contour kit and placed it into the hollows of my cheeks, right below the cheekbones, at my temples and along my jawline. You want to start from the outer part of your face and blend it inwards towards the center of your face, stopping somewhere in the middle. The darkest part of the contour should be at the outer parts of the face. I also did some contouring of the nose, simply placing some product round the sides of my nose bridge to give the illusion of a sharper nose.


Using 3CE shimmer stick, I applied this highlighter to the highest points of my face to create a dewy and bright face. The areas include the top of the cheekbones, brow bone, nose bridge, cupid’s bow and the area of the forehead between the eyebrows. This gives you radiant skin that’ll keep you glowing through your entire party.

Setting powder/ spray

And that’s pretty much it for the face makeup! Simple use a setting powder to set your makeup, or use a setting spray like me. I like setting sprays because their easy to use,easy to carry around in your handbags, are great for a refreshing spritz and work well in keeping your makeup in place on a whole. For this look, I’m using my Urban Decay deslick makeup setting spray which I use for my makeup on an every day basis.


Now we’re on to the last, and my personal favourite step. Lipstick! No look is complete without a coat of your favourite lipstick to tie the entire look together. So there are 2 options which I think work really well with this look. The first option is a shimmery nude lipstick which is glam but not in your face. It’s pretty subtle but screams PARTY when you look at it shine. I think this one’s great if there’s going to be a lot of eating and drinking and you’re not one to fix your makeup often. It’s really smudge friendly and is forgiving when forgetting to touch up as the patchiness will hardly be visible. Here I’m using NARS ultra-shine lipstick in the shade redemption which has a very moisturising formula.

One thing I will say about it though, is that the lipstick itself is really soft and melty. I accidentally dropped it on my carpet and it immediately lost it’s shape (and stained my carpet) and application to my lips after was difficult. It was almost like applying thick mush to your lips and was a mess. But if you’re careful and not a klutz, it’ll be great!

The other option I have is to rock a red lip. It’s christmas after all! As I mentioned in my Halloween makeup tutorial, finding the perfect red lip shade is challenging but so rewarding when you finally hunt it down. My favourite bright red lip colour, as most people would know by now, is NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Monte carlo. I love the formula of this range as their liquid matte lipsticks aren’t too drying on the lips, unlike the colourpop ones which literally KILLED my lips. They smell good, don’t taste weird and most importantly for this shade, does not make my teeth look yellow. I find that many red lipsticks tend to bring out the yellow in my teeth which I do not love.

If you do rock a red lip this christmas, I do recommend not putting too much red on your eyes or cheeks as it may look to heavy. Instead, go with darker, smokier and blendable colours on the eyes and subtle cheek shades. Leave the attention to the red lips. If you’re going for a light nude lip however, then you could totally play up the eye colours with more vibrant reds and just have fun with it.

And that’s it! You’re done! I was really pleased with how the finished look came out and will definitely be wearing this for the Christmas parties I’m headed to this month. I hope you found some form of inspiration from the looks too and do let me know if you have any recommendations as to how I could create more unique and exciting looks for the upcoming holidays! I would love to try out something new. Till next time xx

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