Majolica Majorca: Mascara and eyeliner review

I think I have too many products from this brand. And that in itself probably says a lot. It started when I watched Ingrid Nilson’s (Miss Glamorazzi at the time, am I the only one who misses the time where youtubers didn’t use their actual names for their channel names?) Hong Kong haul a few years back and she mentioned the Majolica Majorca lash King being her all time favourite mascara. Being the nosy ‘Wanna try everything’ kind of person I am,  I had to try it out for myself and see what the hype was all about. Since then I’ve never looked back and my collection has only grown over the years, with me trying other items from the range as well. So here’s a rundown of the items I own and what’s worth it and what’s not. 

Lash King mascara

This item, is pretty much what started it all. The lash King mascara. It’s the most popular mascara from their range and is waterproof. The brush tip is a short brush wand which makes coating your lashes really easy, while making them look thicker and fuller as well. It’s great for Asian girls who find it hard to get long and full lashes. It’s also available in a non-waterproof version that washes off with warm water! Since trying this mascara, I’ve tried a few others such as the Heroinemake one (clumped my lashes and kept smudging all over, really just a mess) and Missha  one(not volumising enough for me, but overall still not bad), but none really compare to this. I’ve yet to try any western brand of mascara except for Maybelline the Falsies and The Colossal so maybe I’ll try a couple out soon and see what I think.

Approach me mascara

This mascara I have owned for a nearly a year now. It comes as a set together with the eye liner from the same range as shown below. It could be limited edition, or maybe only sold in Japan (which was where I bought it from) but I haven’t seen it around in Singapore before. It’s actually really a shame because it’s absolutely beautiful! Though not really visible in the photos above, both this and the eyeliner take on a dark purple shade with a slight glimmer. It’s perfect for nights out where you want to achieve a more sophisticated look without using a whole lot of eye shadow.

Coloured eyeliner

Majolica Majorca liquid liner swatches

Both these eyeliners were part of my recent purchase when I went for the Shiseido clearance sale about a month ago or so. One’s a dark metallic red shade while the other’s a metallic purple. Not quite sure when I’ll be wearing these but I’m sure they’ll come in handy. They’re great for popping a bit of colour for events and are perfect for people who aren’t a quite skilled with eye shadow just yet (when I first started makeup I used to play with lots of eye liner colours)! I really like how they’re quite subtle and not too dark, but yet noticeable enough to look flirt and fun.

Approach me Eye liner

This eyeliner came as a set with the Approach me mascara as seen above. I didn’t really know what to expect when I bought it and was pleasantly surprised to see the dark purple liquid flowing out when I first used it. Similar to the mascara, the colour is  dark shimmery purple that gives an effortless smokey and sexy feel to the eyes. I personally love it and wear it the most on nights out! It really adds a tinge of colour to your makeup look without being too over the top and intense. If you’re not great with eye shadow, this would be absolutely wonderful for you as well.

Lash Jelly Drop

Majolica Majorca jelly lash drop

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’ve only tried this item out once before. It claims to condition and moisturise damaged lashes, such as conditioner would to your hair! At the same time, it supposedly stimulates growth to provide you with fuller and longer lashes. While I’m in no position to say whether or not these claims are true, in the one time that I did use it, I must say they gave my lashes a good coating and was a little cooling. I did feel like that were moisturising my lashes in some way or another. I’ll definitely be giving it a go over a longer period of time (provided I’m not too lazy) and see how it goes.

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