Nars cosmestics product review

Nars cosmetics: Eye shadows and lipsticks review

If you’ve seen my previous blog post on my recent makeup and beauty haul, you’d probably know that I went crazy shopping at the Nars counter of a Shiseido sale some time last month. I picked up quite a number of things and decided I would try them out and give them a good review. The same goes for Shiseido and Majolica Majorca, of which I got quite a few products from each brand. I was really excited to get my hands on these items, some of them I absolutely fell in love with and can’t wait to share with you! So let’s get started.

Kabuki brush set

Nars kabuki brush set of 3

I’m going to be honest and say I don’t think I’ve tried these brushes out long enough to say that I love them just yet. They’re nice and soft and feel really smooth on the skin, but  i don’t use kabuki brushes that much since I use a spray to set my makeup instead of powder. That being said, these are very pretty and high quality! I’d recommend it for anyone who really enjoys a good powder setting for blush, eyehadow and overall face makeup.

Semi-matte liquid lipstick- Get Dirty

The 1st lipstick I got is this matte liquid lipstick in the shade Get dirty. It’s a nude shade with a tinge of orange. I bought it mainly because it was the last one left and the salesgirl was totally rocking this colour. I tried it on and I’m afraid it may be a little too orange for my skin tone as I find I look best in more berry and mauve shades. I will, however, try this out with different makeup looks and re-decide what I think about it then. I do really like the colour and think it’s very wearable for everyday school or when ruuning errands and are not feeling anything too fancy.

The formula is creamy with a nice finish. It is slightly drying as are most liquid lipsticks, but are less drying than the ColourPop liquid matte lipsticks for sure. The packaging is also really sleek and professional which I like. I never fail to feel like a classy, self-assured woman when I take it out of my makeup pouch. When compared to NYX soft matte lip cream, this definitely looks and feel a lot more luxurious and it also doesn’t have the sweet scent that NYX ones have which is a bonus to me as the NYX scent makes me find it a little artificial and tacky.

Ultrashine lipstick- Redemption

The next lipstick I got was this ultra-shine one in a light nude shade. This was the 1st lipstick that caught my eye at the Nars counter for it’s crazy shine and glam. Though it may not seem like it in the photo above, it’s a real strong metallice shade in real life! It’s great for everyday wear or layered over a darker lip colour for a more sophisicated and glam look. Metallic lips are so on trend at the moment so this one fits right in.

I actually have the Metallic Kylie lip kit in the shade King K, a ‘your lips but better’ kind of shade. I actually prefer this lipstick to that as I think this is more wearable and is better for layering. The formula is also a lot less drying seeing how it’s a lipstick in a tube and isn’t a liquid formula. This one’s perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one as it’s versatile and you don’t even have to consider whether or not it matches their skin tone.

Dual-intensity eyeshadow- Callisto, Phoebe, Pool SharkNars dual intensity eyeshadow swatchesNars dual intensity pool shark swatch

These dual-intensity eye shadows are probably the most exciting purchases to me this haul. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t own many eye shadows and hence can’t really judge the quality as compared to others, but these eye shadows really blew me away. The pigmentation is insane and 1 swatch goes a long way. The packaging is a typical classy Nars packaging which I really love and the amount of product available is going to last me years.

The 1st shade I got was Callisto, a light silver-y cool colour with a hint of purple. The photo does not do justice to how vibrant and bright the payoff is in real life, perfect for highlighting the inner corners. It’s a useful shade to have in your collection especially to create bolder looks which require some intense shimmer,. I’ts also great for everyday highlighting to make you look more awake! I love this and can already see myself using it non-stop.

Bonus: I can’t help but feel a little like an ice princess whenever I have this on!

The next shade I bought was Phoebe, a dark purple-maroon shade. the main reason I chose this colour was because I thought it’ll look great for nights out and fancier parties while being easy to match. The only other eye shadows I own and  use are the ones from Naked Palette 2 which consists of less bold, nude shades. I wanted something more of a statement colour that would show up on my face for when I’m headed out to parties and events.

This colour is easy to blend and mix with other colours for a smokey eye look as well. Can’t wait to wear it this Christmas and have some fun creating looks with it!

The final shade I picked up was Pool-shark, a light shimmery blue. When I was at the Nars counter, I distinctly remember picking this particular shade for a specific reason and justifying it on the spot. Unfortunately, the moment I reached home and uncovered it I completely forgot the reason! But of all the eye shadows that i own (though few), I have no shade of blue and thought it’d be a great shade to add to my collection. I do wish I bought a darker shade but I must say this colour looks great on the eyes! As you can see in the photo above, the colour comes off as a bright blue-violet shade and isn’t just a normal light blue shade you would expect when looking at the product itself.

So that concludes all the products I have for now and I hope you enjoyed reading this! I’ll be sure to update this post should I add any other Nars products to my collection (which is highly likely LOL) and keep you posted on what I think of them. Do let me know if you’ve tried any of these out and like them/dislike them and why? Tell me which Nars product I should be keeping an eye out for too!

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