Makeup and beauty haul 2016

About a month back, I headed down to a massive makeup clearance sale Shiseido was having at Suntec City convention centre. The sale was over a span of 3 days and brands such as Shiseido, Nars, Majolica Majorca and a couple of others were present selling beauty, skincare and makeup products ranging from lipsticks to skincare, shampoo, makeup bags and even hair tools. Feeling really pumped and excited by the crowd and low prices, I picked up quite a number of items and decided to share them with you. If you would rather watch a video than read on, you can check out the haul video I made about it here. I also bought a couple of extras to share with people who may be interested in them and want the items at lower prices as well. You can check them out here. Perfect for a Christmas gift or to use for a party you’re attending!

I went for this sale on the 2nd day it was on and there were things that were already sold out and others were selling out fast. I would highly recommend going on the 1st or 2nd day for such sales but definitely not any day after that as you’ll be left with a much smaller variety of items to pick from. Now before I start blabbering non-stop about how insane and exciting the sale was (and it was VERY), let’s get started with the haul!

Nars cosmetics

I was extremely excited when I spotted the Nars counter and made a bee-line for it. Having watched people like Tanya Burr and Zoella rave about their products, I’ve always been dying to try some stuff out but never could get myself to spend that kind of money on makeup. So this time, I caved at the discounted prices and had a mini splurge at the counter, though I still think it was completely justified.

Kabuki brush setNars kabuki brush set of 3

The 1st thing I picked up at the Nars counter was this Kabuki brush set. It comes with a powder brush, a blush brush and an eye shadow Kabuki brush. It was discounted from $175 to $70 and was selling out fast! I haven’t tried these yet but when I do, I’ll be sure to review it (and all the other products in this haul) and let you know how it is.

Liquid matte lipstick- RedemptionNars liquid matte lipstick get dirty swatch

My mum and I actually both got this identical Nars lipstick which happened to be the last ones they had. They were originally $40 but were discounted to $20 each and are part of a limited edition range! The salesgirl was wearing this exact shade and it looked great on her so we quickly picked it up and put it into our shopping bag before the swamp of girls around us asking about it could take it for themselves (oops).

Ultrashine lipstick- RedemptionNars ultrashine lipstick Redemption swatch

This lipstick was also limited edition and is from an exclusive range from Nars x Steven Klein and I was attracted to it mainly because of the insane shimmer it has. When on the lips, it has a very strong metallic look, perfect for layering over other colours or on its own for a muted look. I have one for myself and got one for anyone who’s interested in purchasing one as well, you can check it out here! (Ps. The prices I’m selling them at on my Carousell account is cheaper than the RTP but definitely not as low as I bought them for. Hope you understand that it’s still a business and effort is required in sourcing and listing items!)

Dual intensity eye shadows- Callisto, Phoebe, Pool sharkNars dual intensity eyeshadow swatchesNars dual intensity pool shark swatch

Probably my favourite purchases from the Nars counter, were these dual intensity eye shadows with amazing pigmentation. I’ve never seen glitter eye shadows with such an amazing colour pay-off before and found myself constantly returning to see if there’s any colour I really wanted and missed out. I picked up the 2 colours from the classic Nars range in the shade Callisto and Phoebe as well as a light blue one in the shade pool shark which is limited edition. Each of these were $25 dollars while their original prices are $38 (if I’m not wrong).


Liquid lipsticksShiseido lipstick swatches

After having the most glorious time at the Nars counter, I dragged myself away and went to find my mum who had happily planted herself in front of the Shiseido skincare section. I wanted to get a facial cleanser for myself, but they were already all sold out! So instead I walked over to the makeup section and looked out for the lipsticks (as I always do). The Shiseido lipstick counter was way overcrowded with only 1 sales lady attending to different customers while recommending shades for them. I could hardly even see the products and swatches myself! After a good 1o minute battle or so, I finally made it to the front to tell the counter lady which 2 shades I wanted and quickly grabbed them and left. Luckily for me, I got the last one for one of the shades! Not so lucky for the lady next to me asking about that same shade and having swatched it a few times on her hands, pondering over it (oops again).

Eyelash curlerShiseido eyelash curler

Finally from Shiseido, i bought this eyelash curler. I’ve tried their tweezers before and I think all of Shiseido’s tools are pretty reliable, so I’s definitely recommend them!

Majolica Majorca

When I saw the poster for this Shiseido clearance sales, I noticed they mentioned Majolica Majorca as a brand that would be there. I’ve tried the eye liners and mascaras from this brand and have really enjoyed them especially the dark shimmer purple ‘Approach me’ limited edition mascara and eyeliner range. However, when I was at the sale, I walked around the whole place and could not find the brand anywhere. Feeling a little disappointed and about to head to the cashier, I suddenly noticed a small stash of familiar looking products, tucked away between 2 other brands, easily missed. Feeling my adrenaline spike, I hurried over and picked up the items below.

Lash King

Majolica Majorca lash king

All the items at the counter were 1 for $6 and 3 for $15 which is an incredible steal considering how the normal price of each item is already more than that. I stocked up on my Majolica Majorca lash king mascara, a plain black waterproof mascara.

Sakura pink mascaraMajolica Majorca sakura pink mascara

This one was a strange buy which I wasn’t too sure about. I’ve never tried any coloured mascara except for the really dark and not strikingly obvious purple one which I had previously. Definitely never tried something as bold as pink. I do however, love playing and experimenting with makeup so I’m excited to create some new looks with this.

Purple and pink eyelinerMajolica Majorca liquid liner swatches

I picked up 2 eyeliners in a purple and pink shade! I thought they’d be nice to try out and seeing how I absolutely loved the dark purple one I got from Japan the last time, I thought I might like these as well.

Jelly lash dropMajolica Majorca jelly lash drop

Finally, the last item in this haul is none other than this lash jelly drop serum. It claims to moisturise and nourish your lashes while stimulating growth. If you know me, my lashes are nothing to get excited about. They’re pretty much droopy and sparse, so this would be a pretty darn good find if it really works. I have yet to try it out but will definitely be monitoring the progress of my lashes when I do and will be sure to keep you updated!

Hope you enjoyed reading this really lengthy post and are maybe triggered into buying some of the items (LOL)? Do let me know if you’re interested in any and tell me if you’ve tried any of them out! I would love to know what you think! Have a lovely week ahead xx

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