Selling on carousell

How to sell on Carousell

*Disclaimer: I’m not a pro-seller on Carousell, in fact there are people who sell way more items than me and are probably more qualified in writing something like this. But I have picked up some simple skills that I thought would be useful for beginners, seeing how it is difficult to get new followers and buyers for a start and thought I’d give my 2 cents worth*

Before I head into the tips to sell on Carousell, I would like to give a quick background. I have 2 Carousell accounts, one of which I sell my own items that I don’t use anymore and another of which I stock and sell brand new beauty products which I personally use and love. You can view that account here. In both cases, the approach has small differences, though for the large parts they are the same. For the purpose of this post, I shall mention a bit of both. I’ve had my personal Carousell account since 2014 but only got into using it actively this year. As for my beauty account, I’ve only been selling a few items in the past 6 months and have sold nearly all the items I started out with when I first listed them (About 40 items).

So here are my top few tips which have worked for me:

  1. Take good photos

How to be a pro carousell seller

When there are 20 other people online selling the same items as you, how do you compete with them? Of course, the first step is to have the lowest price. But if your item is brand new and you think it’s of a certain value, then prove it and make it known. Photos and visual aesthetics are key points in the way you want to appeal to your buyers. Good photos show that you put in effort and care into your products, and instantly ups your reliability. It’s also the first impression your buyers will have of your account and will entice them into clicking on your item instead of the exact same item from another seller. If you want to take it a step further, make your photos look unique so buyers will click on it just out of curiosity. If you look at my Carousell account, you might see what I mean (-;

2. Re-list your itemsHow to be a pro carousell seller

Carousell is a giant market place which serves people all over Singapore and some overseas as well. It is easy for your item to disappear into a sea of masses. This is where it’s important to re-list your items often (I re-list mine every 2 months or so) so that it will show up in the ‘recent’ filter and has a higher chance of appearing in the feed of others using Carousell. When others look at your item, they may also look at the date of listing (I know I do this) to see how highly demanded it is. If it’s been sitting around for 20 weeks, I don’t think I’d be as interested compared to if it’s only been up for a week.

The image above shows too cool for school egg mousse pack, an item sold out on my account at the moment. I had 10 instock bottles and re-listed them a few times over the span of about 5 months before they sold out. I noticed that every time I re-listed them, new interested buyers would approach me and ask me about them. If you’re interested in seeing how these products are like I’ve tried and reviewed them and you can view it here!

3. Tags

How to sell on carousell

Probably the most useful and important part of listing your items. Carousell lists search items on buyers’ feeds based on the words they are searching for. For example, if a buyer searches the word ‘white blouse’ and somewhere in your description (not just the title) the word ‘white blouse’ appears, your item will show up on the feed of the buyer. So, you would want to tag words that describe your items, or are similar to your item. For example, I would use tags such as ‘H&M, Forever21, Shirt, Formal’ for a listing of an Asos white blouse. But remember not to spam keywords as Carousell would pick it up and choose not to list your item at all as it appears as spam. Remember that you’re trying to make shopping easier for your buyers and not trying to fool them into buying something they’re not interested in at all.

Above shows some of the tags I used when I listed my egg mousse pack bottles (Taken when I was selling out with only 1 bottle left, but the tags were more or less the same throughout the selling process)!

4. Join groups

carousell groups

Joining groups on Carousell basically means immersing yourself into a community of like-minded people who enjoy the same things you do. It also means expanding your target audience or the people who are more likely to be interested in what you’re selling. You can list some of your items under groups which means others who are in the group will be able to view your products there. At the same time, you get to view and meet other buyers who sell things you may be interested in and want to have for yourself.

These are the few group I’m currently in. Unfortunately, Carousell is pretty stingy with their groups and there aren’t that many beauty and makeup related ones around. You can try requesting the formation of new groups  here, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll happen!

5. Positive feedback

How to sell on carousell

No one likes to deal with difficult buyers, just as no one likes to deal with difficult sellers. Positive feedback is the first impression a buyer will get of you when they first go to your account. It could very well determine whether they choose to purchase from you, or someone else. In a way, it determines your credibility as a seller of the products. This being said, don’t be too affected should you have a bad review or a neutral review. Sometimes there will be misunderstandings and unreasonable buyers, just do your best in providing the best products and service.

6. Customer service

This is true for any type of sales and business or in fact any type of service. People, just like you and me, all like to be treated nicely and like to be right. Be sure you reply your buyers promptly as they can lose interest easily and some of them are shopping on impulse. You want to close the deal before they see something else they’d rather splurge on!

When you are selling your item, it’s important to know when to give in to your customers and when to reject their offers politely. I take pride in what I sell and if some customers are being too difficult, I don’t hesitate in politely telling them I won’t be dealing with them anymore and move on. If you think your item is of value, others will see it too and will come along the way. It’s important to be nice and accommodate customers as much as you can, but that doesn’t mean allowing yourself (and your products) to be discounted (literally and metaphorically) and devalued. But whatever you do, be nice and humble. Be genuine and honest in what you’re selling and you’ll see tons of returning customers (-:

7. Do your research

too cool for school top products

This one’s for those who take pre-orders or sell items based on profits and margins- ie. those who want to run a business on Carousell. It’s important to source your products from the right places and know what your customers are looking for. For beauty, what are the latest trends? What has pretty packaging that would look good in photos? What trendy items are not as commonly found on Carousell at the moment?

When deciding to stock Too Cool For School egg mousse pack on my account, I did my research and based it upon this review by Soompi. Of all the brands and products listed on their site, these too cool for school products caught my eye and I knew it’d catch those of my buyers as well.

8. Keep track of sales

Whether it’s writing all your sales down in a book, or creating an excel sheet to monitor the progress, this is an important step especially if you’re running a Carousell business. You want to know which products are worth stocking up on and which margins are so low they’re just not worth the effort. The speed at which they sell out also serves as a great guideline for which items are in higher demand and what people are really liking at the moment.

I hope this post has been useful for you especially if you’re new to Carousell and aren’t too sure how to go about using it. Remember that you’re unlikely to get sales over night, and you may not even get any in a week or a month. Be patient and keep on selling things you believe are of value and worth to others and you’ll be sure to get there eventually!

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