Still me

Happy Anniversary to us!

It’s been a year since withjoyx was created and it’s a year I would never take back. Through the trial and error, deleted posts and those that never made it, there’s no regrets and I don’t think there’s anything I’ve ever been prouder to share.

On this special day, I took a trip down memory lane and looked at my 1st ever blog post on wordpress. Not on withjoyx, on wordpress. 2 years ago I picked up blogging. It was an impulsive decision amidst the crazy exam stress and I just felt like I wanted a space to share the many thoughts shooting through my head and all the things I thought were of value. I still remember the excitement as I posted my 1st ever blog post on some of the healthy food I’ve been making over the last few months. I remember feeling that great sense of pride as I pressed the post button and from then on I never looked back. For the next year, that space was oozing with positivity and happiness. There was never a post I regretted, never a time I didn’t feel pure bliss after a post. I ended every post with a inspirational quote, even if I googled them and copy-pasted. I just wanted to spread a piece of me -Joy.

Then as A’levels drew near and I struggled to sit in my chair to study and my mind was always wandering. Everyday I would watch YouTube and see makeup/fashion bloggers on instagram. Emotional from all the studying and wishing to just do something that’d I’d be happy doing, an idea crept into my mind and I thought of creating my own legitimate site. I read the book #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nastygal (my all time inspiration, do read the book if you haven’t) and I decided I would do it. Why be envious of others when I could do the same myself? So for 6 months, I put this idea on hold and told myself I would start the moment As ended. For 6 months my mind would wander on how my site would look like, what I would blog about and how I would carry it out. It was killing me to not be able to immediately start on it. So the very day A’levels ended, I bought my domain, and I started to design my site.

When I say my site is one of the proudest things I’ve ever had, I say it with utmost honesty because it is what is it out of pure hardwork. I’m not an IT genius, I have no background in anything remotely related to blogging. I had to google everything from scratch and took 4h to make my contact page though now I can make one under 5 minutes. I still remember that feeling of satisfaction when I used my brother’s computer to key in something on my contact page and see a notification pop up in my email. I took a month to make withjoyx satisfactory, investing hours into it every day before I finally had enough courage to share it.

So now I have a somewhat decent blog, though there’s still so much to learn and so many areas to grow in. It’s one of the most precious things I have and something I hold so dear to my heart. Having said that, along the way there were some ups and downs and moments I felt I lost myself and my true reasons for even starting this site- to bless and inspire, to do everything with joy. It’s been a long time since I’ve written something like this. Something old school and real, starting my post aft 12 midnight like I used to always do. Sharing bits about me from the comforts of my room that I hope can benefit you in someway or another. Feeling like the world hasn’t got anything on me and I can take on anything thrown my way. I miss this feeling and my old self, I’m glad it still exists somewhere within me.

So here’s a short quote that I actually love (which I did not google) which also happens to be the quote of my 1st ever blog post. I’ll end of with it, just like how I used to always do,

‘Do what you love and let it kill you’

Kisses & Lipstick smudges,


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