Wonder woman halloween makeup

Wonder Woman Halloween makeup look

Yes, I know I’m late.

By the time you’re reading this, Halloween is probably about to be over, or already is. Nonetheless, I decided to put this up because I had a fun time doing it and thought I’d share what I came up with.

When I first started on this Halloween makeup look, I had the intention for it to look a little witchy/ wizardy but along the way i realised the colours looked more like that of Wonder Woman. So I went with it and decided to go with that idea instead. Afterall, I’m all for being a strong and powerful woman for Halloween. Unfortunately, I failed to change my clothes to match the theme and this is why my shirt is plain’ol black and white, nothing exciting at all. Regardless, I hope the makeup is helpful for you and hopefully you’ll do a better job in matching your outfit to it than I did.

So enough with the blabbering, and let’s get started.


For any of my makeup looks, including my everyday makeup routine, Japanese makeup look and Korean makeup look, I always start out with sunblock. I’ve mentioned enough how important is it to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays so don’t you forget! Even Wonder Woman need her sun protection. Here I’m using Etude house Sunprise mild watery light sunblock which I showed in my Althea Haul.


For foundation, you will want something that matches your skin tone. You’re not going for anything spooky, so don’t try to be whiter than you naturally are. I used my favourite 3CE glossing waterful in the shade soft beige which is pretty low coverage for this look, so I made sure I matched it with high coverage concealers.


Wonder woman has perfect skin, but I mean which comic book character doesn’t (aside from mutants). So high coverage concealer is important for covering up your under-eye circles as well as spots. No matter how little sleep you have from saving the day, you can’t let it show! I used Collection 2000 concealer in the shade warm medium under my eyes, and Mac studio finish concealer in the shade NC 30 for spots.

Brows and primer

For your brows, you’d want something dark and bold. A pencil liner is highly recommended in black, because Wonder Woman has long black, luscious hair (and brows). Her eyebrows are defined and pretty thin, definitely threaded them in comics world. Here I used a black brow pencil which someone causally left in my makeup bag and forgot about, as well as urban decay eye primer potion to set the base for all the eyeshadow I’m about to pile on.


For the 1st eyeshadow colour, I went with a glittery rose gold, chopper form Urban Decay Naked palette 2.  I applied it all over my lids using a flat eyeshadow base brush, and ensured the ends are slight pointed towards the end of my brows. Although not photographed, I also used a dark purple-red lipstick from  the body shop, in the shade colour crush, and applied some of it to the outer corners of my eyes using my fingers. This gives the outer portion of my eyelid a stronger, bolder shade of red. Iconic for wonder woman.

Next, I took the shade blackout from my Urban decay naked Palette 2 and applied it to the lower part of my lids, where my double eye-lid folds. I applied this using a tapered eye-shadow brush, so there’s more precision when shading.


Using a black pencil liner, I lined the top of the eyelid as well as the outer corners of my waterline. I connected the top and bottom line with a pointed end at the outer corner of my eyes to give it a more elongated look, one that Wonder Woman has. I also applied 4 coats of mascara (not photographed because I completely forgot to apply it until the end, but you can see it in the finished look (I am such a mess)) to achieve thick, dark lashes.

Tear eyeliner

Finally for the eyes, I used my tear eyeliner in the shade #04 sunny teardrops from Etude House to line the inner corner of my eyes as well as the inner potion of my waterline. This widens my eyes and makes me look more awake, ready to face a new day of crime-fighting!


Wonder Woman has insane cheekbones and jawline. But even in the comic, you can see the shading. You can choose to use a dark brown contour shade, but i chose to use black instead to mimic the comic colours (also because at this point of time I was still considering being a witch oops). I placed the black powder below my cheekbones, on my jawline, sides of my nose bridge and temples. You can choose to contour your collar bone as well if they show with your costume on. I also added some highlight down the bridge of my nose, cupid’s bow, below my brow bone and on my cheekbones to make my features more defined.

Draw stars

Now this is the fun part, and the part which ties the look together. using a dark blue liner, or a purple-ish blue in my case. Draw small stars of varying sizes starting from your nose. I chose to start from the middle of nose because it’s the centre of your face and I somehow think it makes it easier to achieve a more symmetrical looks. Here, I’m using Majorlica Majorca purple liquid liner and drew the stars starting from my nose, extending to the cheekbones. If you want to maintain the image of a sharp nose, leave your nose free from stars and just draw them on your cheekbones. The stars on your nose may give the impression of a flatter nose.


Finally, the lips. Wonder Woman has a dark red bold lip. I used Mac matte lipstick in the shade Diva, and added some black powder to the centre of my lips for more depth.

Finished look

And there you have it! A Wonder Woman inspired Halloween makeup look. I would once again like to apologise for the lack of theme, clarity, planning and basically professionalism (but since when have I ever been professional) in this post and the fail outfit. If you can get your hands on the right costume and colour scheme, I can imagine this look would fit right in. Hope this post was interesting, even if not exactly helpful seeing how Halloween is almost over, and you enjoyed the visuals!

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Till next time!

Kisses & lipstick smudges,



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