Althea Korean skincare an makeup haul

Althea Korean skincare and makeup Haul

Online shopping, the deadliest yet most satisfying past time/ therapy available for any typical girl in need of some material fulfillment. A few weeks ago, after having looked at cosmetics on Althea Singapore for weeks, I caved and made an order, somehow justifying every single item in my mind. Since I’ve moved into campus housing, quite a bit of my skincare items and makeup are being lugged to and fro school every week. On lazy weeks, which occur more frequently these days, I don’t bother bringing any skincare to school and go weeks without sunblock or moisturizer. In both mine and my mum’s books, this is a definite NO. My mum would be real unhappy if she found out, thank God she doesn’t read my blog.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Althea, it’s basically an online site that sells Korean cosmetics at low prices. They offer some of the lowest prices I’ve ever seen and is a one-stop paradise for all you Korean cosmetics fanatics. You’ll be able to find skincare, makeup, makeup tools and even hair and body products.

Althea Korean skincare an makeup haul

When my order first arrived, it came in one of the prettiest packaging I’ve yet to receive. A pretty light pink box with the words Althea printed in small font on the cover. All the items were individually packed and bubble wrap, an overall great delivery service! The package also arrived at my place quickly, in less than a week.

Althea Korean skincare an makeup haul

It’s my brush & puff sponges ($20 per pax, 20 pieces)

The first item I ordered were these sponge applicators from It’s my brush&puff. The main reason I ordered these were for me to paint my nails with. When doing certain nail designs which require gradient effect, these sponges come in extremely handy. I’ve tried a couple from Daiso before and they left the sponge residue on my nails, making them hard to use and really ineffective. I’ve yet to try these out but I hope they’ll be much better.

It's my brush brush set

It’s my brush & puff

Auto Lip brush-$1

Eyeliner brush-$2

Base shadow brush- $4

Blending shadow brush- $2

I ordered 4 other brushes from It’s my brush & puffs simply because I needed some to leave in my dorm room, yet I didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money on new high quality brushes.I didn’t have high hopes for these, but I was pleasantly surprised! All the brushes were of high quality, or as high quality $1 brushes can get. The packaging is simple and pretty, not too fanciful though I’d wish they’d label each brush. The hairs are soft and pick up pigments extremely well, not irritating the skin around the eyes at all. My favourite is definitely the base shadow brush, and it’s actually made me start wearing eye shadow to school. Something I would never normally do. I highly recommend this brand for anyone just starting to get into makeup. Brushes are an essential part of your makeup collection and there’s no better way to ease yourself into it with these affordable finds.
Missha the Style 4D mascara

Missha The Style 4D Mascara ($7)

I bought this mascara at $7 and now it’s on even greater sale at $4.50.Honestly, I’m not quite sure how Althea does it. I chose this Mascara simply because it was affordable, and my current Heroine make mascara was clumping my lashes together till I couldn’t take it anymore. This mascara is as old school as it can get, with a basic wand and nothing remotely fanciful about it. While it isn’t life changing-ly amazing, it is decent and doesn’t clump my lashes as much. It gives decent amount of volume and is good for everyday use. For less than $5, how much more could you ask for?

Etude House gel sunblock

Etude house Sunprise Mild Watery Light SPF 50+ PA+++ ($14.40)

As mentioned in the 1st paragraph, I was in desperate need of sunblock. If you’ve read my post on my everyday makeup routine, or my Japanese girl makeup look, you’d know that my holy grail sunblock is no doubt the Kose sun protect essence gel sunblock. I, in fact, just repurchased a full bottle for my dressing table at home. However, I decided to branch out and try something different for my day to day use in school and came across this one from Etude house. The main reason I chose this was because it’s a gel and has aloe vera in it. Upon application, I must say that it feels more liquid than gel, and is a lot more oily than I expected. The Kose gel sunblock that I normally use absorbs wonderfully into the skin and leaves your face feeling fresh and moisturised. This one however, does leave a slightly oily residue and definitely doesn’t produce the same fresh effect. While it isn’t terrible, I think I’ll stick to what’s proven good and true.

Petitfee black pearl and gold hydrogel eye patchPetitfee black pearl and gold hydrogel eye patch

Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel eye patch (&12)

I decided to give this product a try simply because in Uni one does not get much sleep, and it shows. The dark circles under my eyes only get darker as the days go by and I decided it was time to do something about it. This hydrogel patch is supposed to invigorate and moisturise the skin around your eyes. When 1st applied, it had a tightening effect and definitely felt like it was firming the skin. I’ve only tried it twice so I can’t say it’s a miracle worker, but for the price and the looks of it so far, I think it’s a bang for it’s buck.

Skin Lab don't touch trouble spot clear cream

Skin & Lab Don’t touch trouble spot ($15)

Having stayed on campus for the last 3 months, my skin has definitely taken a turn for the worse. Whether it’s the poor skincare regime I have now, the lack of sleep or even the food I eat, outbreaks have been more common. In a desperate attempt to salvage the situation, I recalled using clean & clear pimple cream when I was younger and finding it pretty effective. I decided to try something similar and ordered Skin & Lab Don’t touch trouble spot cream seeing how it’s reviews were not bad. However, having tried it a few nights, I have failed to see any actual results. I wake up in the morning to see my spots exactly the same as they were the night before, and sometimes even worse. I’d pass on purchasing this item and wouldn’t be purchasing it again.

So that’s all I purchased from Althea and I hope you enjoyed reading! Everything included, I spent a total of $51 which to me is a real steal for the amount of products I received. My best recommendation would definitely be the It’s my brush & puff brushes as well as the petitfee eye patches. Do let me know if you enjoyed reading this and would like to see more hauls! These are personally my favourite posts to write.

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