Johor bahru the replacement

Johor Bahru Guide to: The Replacement – lodge and kitchen

A Singaporean’s favourite, The Replacement is a pretty, minimalist cafe, walking distance from City square mall. The concept of it reminds me a little of Pacamara, except on the Thursday morning that we headed there, it was much less crowded, and of course affordable.

Johor bahru the replacementJohor bahru the replacementJohor bahru the replacement

The interior of this cafe is as stunning and homely as the exterior, with magazines, dried flowers and aesthetics everywhere. I can see why it’s a common ‘must-go’ stop for Singaporeans, especially those who want some shots for the Instagram. It’s an ideal location for lazing the afternoon away with your friends, or hiding out for some peace and quiet with a good book and coffee.

Tip: Choose the inside seats near the windows for the best natural light when taking photos.

Johor bahru the replacement

We ordered Nutella churros (14.90 RM), which were warm and crispy. I wouldn’t say they’re the best I’ve had, but they were decent and I would recommend it if you were there. You could also try some of their other flavours such as dark chocolate, salted caramel and salted egg yolk!

The slow juices (15 RM) were really yummy.We ordered ‘Red Ranger’ which was basically the juice from red apples, beetroot and lemon pulp and juice, as well as ‘Yellow pages’ which was asian pear with red apples and a slice of lemon. I would highly recommend either, my mum loves them as well!

The houjicha tea (18 RM) came in a really nice black teapot and a small cup to match (photographed below). I felt it was really aesthetic and the tea was nice. There’s nothing much to say about it since it is after all, just tea.

Johor bahru the replacement

The most sought after item on their menu, would be the soft-shell crab burger (28.90 RM) with truffle fries on the side. I’ve tried this burger twice already and the first time I had it it left me with a really good impression. The burger was tasty with a crispy softshell crab squished between two warm and lightly crisp buns and the dipping truffle mayo on the side sealed the deal for me. However, the second time I went was slightly disappointing with a soft-shell crab that was not crispy enough and semi-warm buns. On both occasions however, the fries have been stellar with a real crunch when biting into them. Do take note however, that the truffle is only present in the truffle mayo and the fries alone are just plain o’l fries. If you happen to visit this cafe, I’d still recommend trying this out though don’t get your hopes too high!

flowers in the garden cafe JB food

The eggs benedict (25.90 RM) was atmost average, although I definitely had WAY too much fun jiggling the eggs while snapping boomerangs. It comes with a choice of smoked salmon, beef,  turkey ham or portobello mushroom. My mum went with the smoked salmon and it came with a muffin  bread base  which I actually really liked, but I felt the hollandaise sauce was not flavourful enough and the taste was pretty flat as a whole. The bread was also not warm and crispy which was pretty disappointing.

On a whole, I think if you’re in JB for the first time, you should definitely check out this cafe. The food and prices are decent and the atmosphere is calm and really nice. It’s also one of the earliest cafes to open! So if you find yourself a little lost with nowhere to head to, this would be the perfect place just to catch your breath in some peace and quiet.

The Replacement
Address: Malaysia, 33, Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Everyday 10am-9pm

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