Johor Bahru flowers in the window cafe

Johor Bahru Guide to: Flowers in the window cafe

Just across the street from The Replacement, Flowers in the Window is a quaint little cafe that intertwines nature with aesthetics and of course, food. The whole vibe of the cafe is rather rustic and messy. It’s completely different from cafes such as The Replacement which offers more of a clean minimalist vibe.

Johor Bahru flowers in the window cafeJohor Bahru flowers in the window cafe

This cafe has an open concept. Straightaway from the outside, passer-bys will be able to look into the kitchen to see what’s happening. On the 2nd floor of the cafe, you can also look down from your seats into the well-decorated and aesthetic kitchen. Inside the cafe, cakes are left displayed in the open for people to look at. I’m not sure how wise an idea that is considering how I spotted a fly or two, but it definitely added a nice touch.

Johor Bahru flowers in the window cafeJohor Bahru flowers in the window cafe

The lighting of the store is pretty dim, and the colours are dull as well. There is still a good amount of natural light for photos, but overall it has a more gloomy feel.

I appreciated the wooden tables and chairs that matched well with the eco-friendly theme, as well as the open concept of the entire cafe. The area was spacious and pretty empty, a great place for a catch-up with friends.

flowers in the garden cafe JB food

flowers in the garden cafe JB food

We got the Sundried tomato pasta with Salmon (25.90 RM) to share and we loved it. The aldente linguine paired really nicely with the tangy sun-dried tomataoes and the flavours worked so well together They are also very generous with the ingredients, providing a large slice of slightly charred salmon and a heap load of olives. I loved the flavours so much that I pretty much ate all the ingredients and left the pasta towards the end because I was too full to finish it all.

flowers in the garden cafe JB food

We also tried the beef bagel with a side of pickled cucumbers on the side (20 RM). This was unfortunately disappointing with the beef slices being too thick to cut through and chew on. They were really generous and gave 3 HUGE slices which I appreciated but yet felt like it was too much for one bagel, especially with how thick each slice was. It was also especially difficult to slice the beef and bagel on the plate the served it on. It was a circular plate that moved around really easily and little space to move the food around. I would not recommend this if you visit this cafe unless you really love your beef and don’t mind biting into chunky pieces of it.

Johor Bahru flowers in the window cafe

We ordered a coconut cucumber drink with an edible flower ice cube, and a green apple lemonade drink (15 RM each). Both were tasty, though I did prefer the green apple lemonade. If you’re looking for something refreshing and cooling, go for the coconut one, though the edible flower in the ice-cube is rather unnecessary. If you need a quick ‘pick me up’ and love sour-y drinks, definitely get the green apple lemonade.

Johor Bahru flowers in the window cafe

On the 2nd floor of this double storey cafe, there’s a balcony that looks like a rundown garage of any ol’ family. It’s a pretty cool concept and you’d be able to get some cool shots if you’re into the whole artsy photography scene. Photographed above is an old building opposite Flowers in the Window. I actually love how the photo turned out. This is another cafe I would recommend checking out once if you’re in the area. Just take note of what you order (order the sun-dried tomato salmon pasta!) and enjoy the cafe for the atmosphere.

Flowers in the window
9 Jalan Dhoby, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Everyday 10am-10pm, Closed on Tuesdays

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