Kailimeiju lipstick review

Yes, these are lipsticks. I could hardly believe it myself when I first came across them on instagram. I thought the idea was genius, modeled after the rose in the bell jar in beauty and the beast. Probably the most beautiful lipsticks I’ve ever set my eyes on, which means I had to give them a try myself. If you know me, you’d know any new lipstick trend around, I’d try.


I went online and got myself 2 from the original range in the shade flame red and dream purple. You can purchase them from their actual site here, but I got mine on Carousell for much cheaper instead ($8.90 for one).


On 1st impression, these lipsticks are every bit as beautiful as you would have seen on instagram. I personally don’t enjoy the outer red packaging as much, and it definitely isn’t the best quality, but when I twisted the lipstick out, I was pretty much dazzled. The next day I immediately whipped out my camera and took as many shots as I could. Probably more photogenic than I’ll ever be, it’s no wonder they’re going crazy all over twitter and instagram.

Tip: I suggest taking photos of them in bright natural lighting, outdoors.


The purple flower for me, was a lot prettier and more stunning than the red one. I would suggest it if you’re only going to buy one. In terms of application, the colour really does change based on your body temperature and it turned a pretty shade of warm pink on my lips which looked nice.

However, the thing that made me decide I wouldn’t repurchase this lipstick, is the taste. It has a strong chemical taste which is pretty disgusting to me, almost as though I’m putting chemicals on my lips which I did not enjoy. It also made me question the ingredients in it and whether or not it is safe for consumption. So if you’re all about the aesthetics, then I’d say get one for yourself to try. If you get it off carousell, it probably won’t put that big a dent in your wallet anyway. But for functional day to day use, I most definitely wouldn’t recommend getting it.


As pretty as they are, I’m a little saddened to know these are only good for photographs. I probably won’t be wearing them on my lips any time soon, but definitely will be photographing them wherever and whenever I can.


Kisses & lipstick smudges,


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