Dream catcher DIY

Pastel Dreamcatcher DIY

Dreamcatchers are definitely not the new kids on the block and have been around for a while now. The designs varies and possibilities are endless in terms of colour scheme, sizes and even pattern. For this DIY, I decided to take things into my own hands, and create my own pastel dream catcher, completely customisable and at a low cost as well. I got all my items at spotlight, and if you’re interested you can keep on reading!

You will need:


  • 1 Packet of pastel feathers
  • 1 Packet of wooden beads (the hole must be big enough for the thread to thread through)
  • Multi-coloured embroidery string
  • 1 Metal ring
  • Scissors
  • Needle (optional)


The first step is to use the light blue embroidery thread, and wrap it round the entire metal ring. This was definitely time-consuming and took me a while, so if you’d prefer, you can use suede leather string to wrap around instead. Tie a firm dead knot when done, and cut off the excess embroidery threads.


Next, tie your coloured string together to form one long multi-coloured string and tie the start of the string (blue end) to the metal ring. Pull the string behind the ring and over the ring as seen in the 1st photo. Then, pull the string into the loop that is created between the string and the metal ring. Continue this process around the whole ring.

Tip: Tie the end of the string to a needle and use the needle to direct the motion of the thread. It makes threading a lot easier, especially through the beads in the later part.


Once you’re done with the outer round, continue the same procedure through the inner rounds until the you’re close to the centre. Once you’re there, thread a bead into the string and continue the procedure. Repeat the same step with a single bead every 2 loops to form the effect seen below.

Tips: Be careful not to string a bead into every loop. The dream catcher may end up looking like a spider web with eggs! Less is more.


One you’re run out of  space to thread, tie a dead knot (an accurate way of tying is not necessary, as long as the knot is somehow tied), and you’re done with the web!


Now it’s time to add the frills and feathers that makes a dream catcher so eye catching. Fold a string in half and put the loop end through the metal ring from the back to the front. Loop the open end of the sring through the loop and pull taut! Repeat 5 times or as many times as you would like.


Finally, attach the pastel feathers by tying the loose string ends to them and by stuffing the top stem of the feathers into the beads.


You’re done! Your dream catcher is complete. You can tie a small loop at the top of the dream catcher and hang it anywhere you’d like. Here’s a video that I referred to when constructing my dreamcatcher that could be helpful for you as well. You can click on it here!

The traditional red indians believed that dream catchers would filter out nightmares and only leave you with good dreams a night. Although I personally don’t believe in it, I do think making your own dreamcatcher decoration is fun and really pretty. The best part is that you can make it however you like, using any materials you can find in a craft store! Don’t restrict your creativity and give this a try. If it’s successful and you love it, do let me know!

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Kisses & lipstick smudges,


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