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Box green unboxing review

The recent hype that I’ve been all hearing about, be it food, clothing, skincare or beauty, are subscription boxes. Subscription box services are definitely on the rise all over Singapore as there’s nothing quite so exciting as finding a parcel at your doorstep when you least expect it. Having always been a fan of healthy food, I was really excited to hear about a relatively new healthy snacks subscription service in Singapore and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Box Green allows you to select your own 4 healthy snacks from a large variety, and delivers it to your doorstep for $19.90 a box. You can choose to have it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on your preference and how often you snack. I do feel like the price is a little hefty for the amount given in each box, but I also understand that I’m paying for the packaging and effort, not to mention the quality of the food. If you’re one to spend on good quality snacks, this might be right up your ally!


In every box, comes 12 packets of snacks, 3 pax of each different type. They promise that all their snacks are natural, portion controlled and nutritionist approved. On first sight the packaging is simple and pleasant. Nothing extravagant which I think suits the theme of the company and it’s emphasis on eating clean and simply.


At the back of each packet is the snack name and nutritional facts, including the number of calories each portion contains. For my 1st month, I went for Twilight Cherry Express, Cranberry Afternoon Biscotti, Raspberry Choco Thapsody and Sunshine Chips.


Twilight Cherry Express

I’m not a big fan of nuts, which is generally what deters me from most companies selling healthy snacks. When health foods come to mind, nuts are definitely one of them for their healthy fatty oils and nutrients. Box green however, offers a wide variety of snacks with equal qualities and you could go completely nut-free while doing it if you wanted to. The twilight cherry express contains peanuts and dark-chocolate coated dehydrated cherries. The cherries were amazing and I could honestly snack on them all day. If you like peanuts then this is definitely for you, but not so much for me.


Cranberry Afternoon Biscotti

This biscotti was really yummy and is bringing healthy food to a new level. It taste like a cross between shortbread and a nougat. With it’s strong buttery and sweet taste, I’m quite surprised it’s a healthy snack! It still probably isn’t as great for you as some of the other item available, but it’s a sure good treat in small portion-controlled quantities.


Raspberry Choco Rhapsody

This one tastes really similar to the twilight cherry express, just that instead of cherries it’s raspberries, and instead of peanuts it’s almonds. Once again the chocolate-coated raspberries were really good, but I don’t really like the nuts. It’s also good to note that they’re quite stingy on the raspberries and cherries!


Sunshine Chips

This was probably my favourite one of all! These vegetable chips taste like Jagabee/ thick potato chips. It’s really interesting how you feel like you’re indulging but you’re still eating clean. I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a new snack to try on boxgreen.


Overall, I’m not sure if I’ll keep subscribing to BoxGreen as it is pretty luxurious and difficult to keep up with such a lifestyle. A good alternative would be to buy your own healthier snacks in large quantities and packet them into snack portions for yourself. Carrying apples around with you wherever you go to snack on when you’re hungry is also a great idea. That being said, the snacks provided are great and the service is quality. If you’re looking for a healthy snack subscription service, do check them out!

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