Rainbow highlight DIY

Rainbow highlighter DIY

The latest trend of sorts that’s been all over the internet and in the makeup pouch of every beauty guru, is a gorgeous rainbow highlight (Prism) from BitterLaceBeauty. While definitely not something I would wear on an everyday basis, it’s a sure stunner and i instantly fell in love with it. Perfect for a festival or event where you want to stand out a little, yet not be too out there. Unfortunately, not all of us can get our hands on something so highly demanded. The rainbow highlight costs $30.40 SGD and currently has a 9-10 months pre-order waiting time. By the time it reaches my mailbox, I’d be $30 poorer and WAY behind the hype. So i got down to business, and decided to take things into my own hands. I resorted to making my own Rainbow highlighter using materials that I already had in my house.

Rainbow highlight DIY

I can’t claim full credit for this DIY, as I did get inspiration from a YouTube video which you can view here. But the proportions and colour selection are all mine and I did experiment with it myself.

You will need:

  1. 6 colours of eye shadow or blusher in the colours of the rainbow (red, orange,yellow,green,blue and purple).
  2. Powdered highlighter
  3. Rubbing alcohol
  4. 6 small containers to mix the products in (I used contact lens containers)
  5. Spatula and toothpicks
  6. Empty case to keep the highlighter

Rainbow highlight DIY

Firstly, you’ll need to scrap your eyeshadow/blusher into the contact lens case. One colour per case container. The amount you require for each colour varies, but in this DIY I filled the container with half eyeshadow, and half highlighter. If you’re unsure, I would suggest using more. It’s easier to have leftover, then have a shortage of product later on.

Rainbow highlight DIY

The next step is to scrap a powdered highlighter into the same container as the coloured powders. For a stronger highlight, the ratio of colour to highlighter should be about 1 to 1.5. For this DIY I made it 1 is to 1 and it wasn’t as glowing as I hoped it would be.

Rainbow highlight DIY

Repeat the 2 steps above for all the colours.

Rainbow highlight DIY

Add rubbing alcohol drop by drop into each container. Stir with a toothpick until a paste-like consistency is obtained. Once the powder and highlighter are mixed well together into a paste, use a spatula to transfer the products into the case, creating layers of colour.

Tip: This is where more product would be easier to work with. On my 1st few attempts, I used too little colour and highlight that the paste was too little to fill the case. It was a mess so do make more if you can!

Rainbow highlight DIY

Once the layers are obtained, use a piece of paper to gently press the top of the rainbow highlighter to ensure no empty spaces in the compact, and to even out the surface. Leave to dry for 24 hours.

Rainbow highlight DIY

And there you have it! A customisable rainbow highlighter that you can make based on any shades you like. You can even make a gradient green or gradient purple shade, a metallic rainbow or pastel rainbow shade. Anything you’d like. I personally made mine using lighter shades, so I think it looks a little more wearable. If you’d like to see what it looks like on my cheeks, you can check out my instagram here. If you do try it out and enjoyed this post, leave me a like or share it and let me know how it goes!

Don’t forget to find me on social media:

Twitter: @joyjoydarlingxx

Instagram: @joyjoydarlingxx

Kisses &lipstick smudges,




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