too cool for school products

Too cool for school products review

A couple of months ago, I chanced across an article ranking the top korean beauty and skincare favourites. While scrolling through the different brands and products listed, the adorable packaging of one of the items caught my eye- too cool for school egg mousse soap. I was instantly interested, and found out that many people really enjoy the products from this range and the reviews were generally good. I had no choice but to ask my Dad to pick me up a few items on his trip to Korea in March, and after trying them out, I’m here to talk about my personal opinion regarding them.

Too cool for school egg mousse soap

Egg mousse soap

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this facial cleanser. The consistency of the product is light and fluffy, almost like whip cream. When you rub your palms together, it forms a thick foam, which you can lather all over your face. When the nozzle is pressed, a pure white mousse is released almost in the shape of bird poo (LOL) and remember to press lightly as a little bit can go a long way.

The egg mousse soap has a slight tingling sensation when used which I personally enjoy. It leaves my face feeling clean and fresh without breaking me out. Do give it a try if interested!

Too cool for school egg mousse pack

Egg mousse pack

This was actually my favourite out of all 3 products mentioned here. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this as I’ve never used something like this before. It’s not a facial wash, and not really a mask at the same time. The consistency of it is similar to the egg mousse soap except the pack is slightly thicker and drier. When applied to your face, your face will absorb ALL the product like a sponge till no sign of the product is seen anymore. It’s nothing like I’ve ever tried and I was really intrigued. When I washed it off, my face felt deep cleansed and super smooth. It appeared more vibrant and my mum even asked me the next day if I changed my makeup regime because my face was glowing. Enough said, I cannot recommend this more.

Too cool for school egg mousse mask

Egg  mousse mask

I personally don’t use sheet masks a lot though I know for many into Korean beauty, it is a staple. I tend to use western clay mask that strips your skin of impurities, rather than Korean sheet masks that provides moisture. This mask however was really pleasant on my skin and was unique. It really does feel like an egg white consistency, and is milky yet sticky at the same time. If you’re into sheet mask and are looking for one to try, this would be a good choice.

Let me know if you use these products too and whether or not you like them!

Kisses & lipstick smudges,



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