May beauty products review

May beauty review

So I’m pretty excited about this post today. Heck, I’m actually REALLY excited. It’s kind of embarrassing but also kind of exciting for me, but basically I filmed my 1st ever Youtube video. I never thought I would ever do it because I cringe most of the time when watching Singaporeans on YouTube, but I felt like making a video is a little more personal, and is easier for me to get my personality across. So here it is! May beauty review is now live on my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy it and cringe along with me.

Anyway, I did quite a bit of shopping in April/May as you may have seen in my Hong Kong haul. So I tried out the products and decided to give a review on what I’ve been loving and others that I’m not. If you can’t be bothered to watch the video (or you just can’t get through it), keep reading!

May beauty products reviewMay beauty products review

Before I get started on the actual products, I just thought I’d mention that I recently bought a new dressing table from Ikea which I love. It’s so pretty and I used it as my backdrop for my YouTube video. I may do a dressing table ‘tour’ soon as I posted a photo of it on my instagram and everyone really liked the whole set-up. Also, I recently purchased Molly (the cactus) and it’s probably going to appear in many photos and videos from now on (if I can keep her alive that is).

Seche vite dry fast top coat

Seche Vite professional kit

So the 1st thing I bought recently is the Seche Vite professional kit. You can get it online at sephora/luxola and it’s really worth it if you paint your nails often. It comes with a normal sized top coat, and a giant refill. If you’re like me and paint your nails often, you’d understand how frustrating it can be waiting for your nails to dry. And the worst part is when they dry poorly, leaving your nails looking clumpy. Seche vite is the best top coat I’ve ever used and I can pretty much swear by it. That’s how much I love it.

lipstick swatches

Nyx soft matte lip cream -Monte Carlo

I’ve sang enough praises about this product. It feels really thin on my lips and doesn’t crack. Smells good too! I highly recommend especially since it’s only $13 at Sephora.

Sanrio Hello Kitty colourful moisturising lipstick- #01

I was genuinely surprised by the quality of this lipstick. I usually think character endorsed products are not as good as people will buy it mainly for the character, but this Hello Kitty lipstick was actually really good. It was moisturising with a satin finish which I liked. It didn’t go patchy on me and was comfortable the whole day.

Beyond Alice in Blooming lipstick- #04

This two-toned lipstick I didn’t really like. I felt like it paled in comparison to the Hello Kitty one and went patchy on me. I didn’t appreciate the finish of it and it smelt really rosy which isn’t a scent I steer towards.

Makeup routine

Beyond Alice in Blooming skin tone sun base

I’m going to be honest and admit that I bought this product mainly for the packaging. I saw it and was sold immediately. The formula of it is a little thicker, just like a normal sunblock. But if you saw my everyday routine post, you’d know that I usually use the Kose sun essence gel which is a lot more moisturising and cooling. I think I’d stick to the Kose one for the actual product, but this one’s definitely going on my dressing table.

Sanrio Hello kitty loose powder- #01

I bought this powder because I swatched it in store and thought it was shimmer-y and wanted to use it as a highlighter. But somehow when I came home to Singapore and used it the glimmer was all gone. Not sure if I was imagining the glow in Hong Kong or not, but I was disappointed with the outcome of this product even though it turned out to be exactly what it’s supposed to be, a loose powder.

Urban Decay deslick makeup setting spray- oil control

This product is one of those thing you will always want to have but never really need. Nonetheless, I find it a lot more convenient spraying this on to set my make up, than the usual Rimmel powder that I use. I probably will repurchase, but maybe the all-nighter one instead as I heard that’s amazing.

eye makeup products

Majorlica Majorca Gel Liquid Liner

The reason I picked this up in Sasa Hong Kong was because I ran out of my usual etude house gelquid liner (which I’ve gone through 3 of) and decided to venture into something different. I don’t usually wear liquid liner as I think it’s hard to apply, nor do I wear pencil liner as I think its smudges too easily especially in Sunny Singapore. Gel liner is the perfect middle ground for me. This liner, however, I was disappointed in with it applies like a liquid liner and does not stay on my eyelids at all. It smudges and turns extremely patchy throughout the day, I do not recommend it.

Urban Decay eyes shadow primer potion – original

I’ve never been a primer person until I tried the Benefit Pore-fessional face primer and made it a part of my daily regime. I realised how important it is to prime your face for a smoother more flawless finish, as well as to have longer lasting makeup. So I decided to try out this urban decay eye primer that everyone raves about. My verdict is that it is given due credit as I’m pretty certain it has found it’s way into my daily regime as well.

Heroine make impact curl and frame mascara

I usually use Majorlica Majorca black waterproof eyeliner and have been doing so for years. While I do like it, I walked into Sasa in Hong Kong and realised it cost 30 SGD. I was stunned that I’ve been spending so much money on mascara all this while and decided to try something new instead. I’m glad I did because I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this mascara. It has 2 sides to it, I use the shorter bristles first to thicken and coat my lashes, then I use the longer bristles to lengthen and de-clump. I love the finish look of it and think it’s great for girls who struggle with short and sparse lashes.

Hope you enjoy the video and found this review useful. Do share with me what you think about these products if you did enjoy them, and what you wish to try out next.

Kisses & lipstick smudges,




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