Dim dim sum MongKok

Hong Kong: Guide to MongKok

MongKok, the ‘must go’ place in Hong Kong. If there were only one place you could head to in HongKong, I think most people would say it’s here (though I’d say causeway bay and you can find out why here.) It’s many shopping streets as well as food places will leave you spoilt for choice as you maneuver your way around this bustling place. I’d say set aside at least half a day to explore this area, because there’s really too many things to see.

Australian dairy companyAustralian dairy company

I’m cheating a little on this one as it’s not exactly in MonKok, rather it’s in Jordon (1 MTR stop away from MongKok). I’m sure this place is of no news to you, almost every blogger who’s been to Hong Kong has raved about the scrambled eggs and steamed milk pudding from Australian Dairy company. Indeed the scrambled eggs are good and the steamed milk pudding is silky smooth, though the condensed milk made it a little too sweet for me. The queue is very long, but it moves very quickly as the staff are quick to chase you out of the shop once you’re done eating and it’s pretty much chaos in there. Though the food was good, I do think it is slightly over-hyped, and definitely not an ideal place to have a comfortable meal. If it’s your first time there, do give it a try. But once is enough for me.
Australian Dairy company
Address: 47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong
Opening hours: Monday- Sunday 7.30am-11pm, Thursday closed
Nearest MTR: Jordon (exit C2)
 Dim dim sum MongKokDim dim sum MongKok

Mongkok Dim dim sum

A pretty well known Dim Sum place in Mongkok, Dim dim sum is pretty crowded during lunch hour. While not jammed pack like some other places, there is a constant flow of people coming in and out. Their dim sum is pretty mediocre in taste, though creative. You’ll be able to find salted egg yolk custard buns (liu sha bao) in the shape of piggies here, as well as things like eggplant dim sum which is worth a try. Though I will say the salted egg yolk custard in the bun was not flow-y enough, and was a little clumpy. My mum also complained that she felt slightly light headed after the meal, which  happens when she’s consumed too much MSG.

Dim dim sum
Address: G/F, Man Wah Building, 23 Man Ying Street, Jordan
Opening hours: 10am- 12pm daily
Nearest MTR: Jordan

Passion by gd MongkokPassion by gd MongkokPassion by gd Mongkok Mont blancPassion by gd Mongkok mille feuille

Probably the food highlight of our trip, this French brunch and dessert place won the heart of my Mum instantly. Having a major sweet spot for desserts and pastries, passion by GD quickly became a favourite and good enough reason to book another trip to Hong Kong again. (My mum even made my brother and I buy her the limited edition recipe book for her as a Mother’s day present because she loves it that much!) The variety of pastries available was incredible and it was unfortunate we were only able to get a few. We also tried the salads, sandwiches and coffee which you see in my Hong Kong guide to Wan Chai, and none of them failed to disappoint. They have a few outlets but I think the one at Wan Chai is the biggest and most luxurious. Do pop by for tea or brunch when you’re starting to get tired of all the dim sum (though I doubt you will).

Adress: Shop 11, Level 4 of Langham Place, Mongkok, Kowloon , Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2967 8812
Operating hours: Mon to Fri 8:30am – 11pm, Sat & Sun 8am – 11:30pm
Nearest MTR: Mongkok (exit c3)

New town mall Mongkok cold noodles

On the 1st floor of Newtown mall, there’s a tiny little shop near the escalator which has a long line of people queuing up outside. This shop sells DIY cold noodles in a clear plastic bag and is very delicious indeed. You have a choice between 4 different type of noodles and can pick 4 toppings to go along with it. Then you choose a sauce and the nice stall aunty will mix it all together for you before you gobble it down. It’s one of those thing I wish Singapore would have, but then again maybe not because the price would be jacked up and there would be a crazy hype and long queue to match, which kills the excitement of it all.

Bai Wei Shi Pei 百味食品 (cold noodles)
Adress: New Town Mall , 688 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
Ground Floor near escalator
Nearest MTR: Mongkok exit D2)

Mongkok oyster porridge

A cosy little roadside stall my family happen to stumble across was this noodles and porridge stall that sold the best teochew porridge I have ever tasted. I highly recommend this place (if you’re lucky enough to find it) and their porridge as it was outstanding. Not too salty while warm and comforting. Really hits the spot after a long tiring day of walking and shopping. Writing about it in itself is already making me hungry!

Zhang Ji Xiang Gang Zai Yu Dan Wang 章記香港仔魚蛋王
Location: 150 Sai Yeung Choi Road, Mongkok, Kowloon
Opening hours: 24 hours
Nearest MTR: MongKok


Mongkok street marketDSC07936

Ladies street is one of the most popular shopping lanes in Hong Kong and I believe it requires no introduction. Shops selling all types of lady clothings line the streets and you can find many different styles. I got my pink culottes (as seen above) for approx 15 SGD.

Ladies street market Hongkong
Opening hours: Varies from stall to stall, approx aft 10am-late
Nearest MTR: Mongkok (exit E2)

Adidas stan smith

More popularly known as sneaker street among the shoe fanatics, Fa Yuen street basically sells all types of shoes and sneakers. You’ll be able to find Nike, Adidas Converse, New balance and many others at unbeatable prices. Generally the prices are the same across all the stores though you may want to pop into a few and ask around just to get a feel. I got my black adidas stan smith with the zig-zag line for about 125 SGD there!

Fa Yuen street (sneaker street)
Opening hours: Varies from stall to stall, approx 10am-late
Nearest MTR: Mongkok (exit B3)

New town mall shopping

Newtown mall is a small building in MongKok that’s essentially a Bugis street of Singapore. The things are cheap though of lower quality as I mentioned in my HK haul post. It’s worth a trip if you’re into fast fashion and don’t need clothes of good quality.

Missha- MongKok Newtown mall
Located in: Argyle Centre Shopping Arcade
Address: 688 Nathan Rd, Hong Kong
Phone:+852 3188 3186
Opening hours: 10am-12am
Nearest MTR: Mongkok (exit D2) 


Langham place beauty avenue

Monki Hong Kong MongKok

Langham place shopping mall in Mongkok is perfect for you if you want to eat, shop and relax (so basically everyone). The upstairs has a wide array of food (including Passion by GD which I clearly need to shut up about), a few floors of non-stop beauty products and clothing and shoe stores as well. Beauty avenue is your one-stop shopping place for high end cosmetics, H&M as well as Monki are located here too.
Address: Hong Kong, 朗豪坊購物商場, 1/F, 29-31舖
Nearest MTR: Mongkok (exit C3)
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