The smile bar HK

The smile bar: Painless teeth whitening

Before I begin this post, I would just like to apologise for the vile photo of my teeth in the poorly taken shot you are about to see below. Now we can start.

So before my most recent trip to Hong Kong, I was scouring the internet for cool and exciting things to do when I was there. I chanced upon an article on The smile Bar Hong Kong, and was very much intrigued by what they had to offer. The Smile Bar is a whitening dental salon that uses swedish products and dental care materials. They offer a quick and easy, painless way of whitening that doesn’t hurt your gum or teeth at all. So I’m going to talk you through the whole process, starting with my teeth condition before treatment,


The smile bar: teeth whitening
Before whitening

So I’ve never been one to have pearly whites/ straight teeth. I wore braces back when I was 13 and 14 and intended to whiten my teeth when I turned 18. True enough I headed to my family dentist when I turned 18 and asked to get my teeth whiten. Unfortunately, the dentist told me to reconsider as my  teeth had a lot of fluoride (due to swallowing toothpaste as a child?) which makes my teeth uneven and patchy in colour. This means that when I whiten my teeth, the yellow will turn white, and the white turns whiter. Many of their customers with the same problem regretted whitening their teeth as it looked funny and they ended up feeling even more insecure about their smile.

The smile bar HK

Feeling a little disheartened, I thought about it and decided I would just leave my teeth as they were. That was until I came across the smile bar. So at the Smile bar, they start out by matching the shade of your teeth. Then after rinsing and some oral hygiene, you sit down in a big comfy egg-shaped chair, while a teeth mould filled with whitening gel is attached to your teeth.

The smile bar HK

A LED light source is then brought to your teeth to activate the gel. This whitening process is peroxide free which means it is completely painless and does not leave your teeth feeling sensitive after. Also, this whitening simply removes all the stains and dirt your teeth has absorbed over the past years, but it will not make them any lighter than their original colour. So for all the coffee lovers out there with original-pearly-whites-stained-heavily, this is perfect for you!

The LED light is applied for a total of 2o minute each time and can be repeated for a maximum of 3 times. Each extra 20 minute session is a fixed price, which you can view here, along with other important information. The man in charge is called Julien, who is really friendly and willing to advice you on how many sessions you should take to restore your teeth to their original condition.

The smile bar: teeth whitening
After whitening

I did a total of 2 whitening sessions as well as opted for the enamel application at the end. the enamel is basically a coating that allows you to go about eating anything you want immediately after the whole procedure. Otherwise you’d have to wait another 72hr before eating any foods with dark colours that can possible stain your teeth. I knew I couldn’t wait as I had so much more food I wanted to eat in Hong Kong! My teeth did get significantly whiter, though my original teeth colour is pretty yellow. But I was most happy that the treatment managed to even out the patchiness of my teeth that resulted from the fluoride. So for those of you who struggle with really uneven and patchy teeth, I highly recommend this. The length of time your teeth will remain white ranges from 4-6 months depending on how well you take care of them. So all the coffee lovers out there may want to consider starting to drink coffee with a straw instead!

I feel so much more confident now of my smile and am no longer afraid to rock a red lip which I used to be a little afraid of. Do check out the smile bar when you’re in Hong Kong and last I heard they’re coming to Singapore soon! Can’t wait!

Kisses & lipstick smudges,



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