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5 lipstick shades for your makeup collection

My favourite makeup item has always been and will always be lipstick. As I’ve mentioned in my about page, I am a lipstick Junkie and am always on the hunt for more to try. I think lipstick can completely change your look depending on where you’re headed to for the day. A nude lip can make you seem more demure, while a red lip can immediately edge up or class up your look. While I feel like many girls in Singapore are still slightly afraid of rocking strong lip colours, I think it just takes a little courage and you’d be surprised at how much confidence a killer lipstick can give you.

For the newbies to makeup, or for those who are just starting out your makeup collection, here are 5 lipstick shades you should be keeping an eye out for.

The Nude.

In my opinion, the most basic and possibly boring shade to go for, but at the same time a definite necessity. There are many Nude shades out there and often it’s hard to decide whether a pinky nude or a warm nude will suit our skin tone better. From my experience, warm undertones (ie most Asians) should try to stay away from the baby pinks and overly-peachy pink nudes.I also enjoy using a nude lip liner to over-line my lips and make them appear fuller and more luscious than they actually are.


  • Soap & glory sexy mother pucker gloss stick- Nudist
  • MAC cosmetics matte lipstick-velvet teddy
  • Australis lip liner- tickled pink (mauvy nude)

The Mauve.

Mauve shades can come in different forms, some are more purple while others more brown. I’ve discovered that I like my Mauves with a more purple-y tinge as I think it suites me better and lights up my face somehow. But even then I still appreciate a true brown mauve from time to time. Mauve shades are generally pretty safe matte or glossy and are suitable for all skin tones. You’ve just got to find the one that you love best.


  • Rimmel Kate Moss long lasting matte lipstick – 104 (purple mauve as photographed)
  • Covergirl cosmetics the smoochies- #luv u (sheer glossy finish purple mauve)

The Neon.

The is a tough one and one that most girls will steer away from. But I know deep down inside, every girl wants to go a little crazy and just smack on a colour they would never wear otherwise. Even if you start with just putting it on in the bedroom for yourself to see, it’s still a good baby step. I’ll admit that neons are scary for me too and I’m still learning to match it with the right clothes and am experimenting with shades that make me feel my best. I usually try to stay over from barbie pinks so it’s quite ironic that I’m wearing  one in the photo. I’d usually go for a more fuschia, hot pink neon rather than a bright pink one, but as I said before, it’s all about trial and error and what makes you feel great.


  • Rimmel apocalips- 401 Aurora (Creamy dark peach pink colour)
  • Barry M cosmetics-52 (Bright neon barbie pink as photographed)
  • Revlon Ultra HD lip lacquer – Pink Ruby (Bright Fuscia pink)

The Red.

My personal favourite. Aside from the nude, this is probably the next shade you need in your collection. A classic red lip has been rocked by women throughout the decades, and screams feminism in my opinion. Putting on a red lipstick makes me feel like I’m a #girlboss (as Sophia Amoruso would put it) and can take on the world (dramatic but yes). At the moment, I’m obsessed with NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Monte Carlo. It’s really affordable and is retailing for $13 at Sephora. I’m also dying to try Mary Jo K from Kylie Jenner lip kit range but that’s going to have wait.

When it comes to Reds, things get a little more tricky. As a personal rule, I only wear matte red lipsticks. That eliminates half the extra fuss with smudges and lipstick teeth. As for shades, I wear anything from a bright classic blood red, to a toned down burgundy red, but generally stay away from those that have an orange tinge. For those who are self-conscious about your teeth, whether it’s because they’re yellow or not straight, I’d stay away from bright reds and the orange-y ones. Those shades tend to bring emphasis to your teeth and make them seem more yellow. But for those of you who are blessed with Pearly whites (or the financial ability to get those pearly whites), it’s your time to shine in those colours. Every time you speak or smile, people will be mesmerised.  It’s also important to line your lips when it comes to such bold colours that require precision. You can pretty much use the same lip liner for all your red lips.

Lipstick suggestions:

  • MAC cosmetics matte lipstick -Diva (dark wine red)
  • NYX cosmetics soft matte lip cream- Monte Carlo (bright red as photographed above)
  • Revlon ultra HD matte liquid lipstick- Passion (bright red)
  • MAC cosmetics lip liner- Burgundy.

If you’re interested to find out about my painless teeth whitening experience, you can find out more about it here.

The purple.

Last but not least, I think having a dark shade of purple or brown is always handy. These shades are often associated with winter and autumn so it’s great for travelling if you’re headed to a country of cooler weather when on holiday. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear such a shade in Sunny Singapore as well. I tend to reach for mine when I’m on a night out with my girl friends, or am headed to a party. A bold statement lip like this, will instantly make you party appropriate and no one’s even going to notice your sloppy outfit.


  • Em cosmetics matte lipstick- Just Fab (dark browny purple as photographed)
  • NYX cosmetics soft matte lip cream- Copahagen (Dark true purple) 


Kisses & lipstick smudges,



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