Hello kitty lipstick

Hong Kong makeup and clothing haul

I love Hong Kong. I really do. Whether it’s for the food, the shopping, the many Sasas or the fact that it’s a common holiday place for my family, there’s just something about it that draws me in every time.  As I mentioned in my guide to Causeway Bay that you can view here, I LOVE Sasa. I get frustrated when people hurry me to shop in there because you really can’t put a time limit to paradise. For this trip however, I tried my very best to restrain and only bought the things I was truly dying to try. And of course I had to bring back some bits for others who are interested in trying these products out too. So before I continue rambling on, let’s begin!

Hello kitty lipstick
Hello Kitty lipstick from Sasa

One of the most exciting purchases of this trip in my opinion, would be these hello kitty lipsticks from Sasa. The entire range consists of nail polish, loose powder, lip glosses, lipsticks, an eye shadow palette, pressed powder foundation, eyeliner and mascara. I didn’t really need anything per se (since when do I buy makeup only when I need them anyway), but I could not leave without something from the range. I picked up lipsticks in 3 different shades, because you can never have too many lipsticks, as well as pressed powder in 2 shades. The lipsticks’ shades I picked up were:

Shade #01 Bright red colour with slight glimmer.
Shade #4 which is an orangey peach colour with slight glimmer.
Shade #5 Pinkish peach nude colour with slight glimmer.

I didn’t pick up shade #2 and #3 as I felt they were too pink and from my experience, that is a definite NO on my skintone.

Hello kitty loose powder
Hello Kitty loose powder from Sasa

I bought the Hello Kitty loose powder in the 2 different shades available, #01 light nude and #02 light pink. Although it’s termed a loose powder, I would personally use it as a highlighter instead. It may seem strange to choose to buy back loose powder of all things from the range, but when I tried it in the store, I knew I couldn’t leave without it. This powder has a slight glitter and will leave your cheekbones glowing.

Alice in wonderland gradient nail polish kit
Alice in blooming gradient nail polish kit

The main reason I picked the Alice in wonderland gradient nail polish kit up was because I used to have a similar one which I bought from korea  and I absolutely loved it. You can get effortlessly  beautiful nails which looks like you’ve spent hours on. I used to receive plenty of compliments on mine! Not to mention this kit even has nail stickers to match.

Alice in wonderland lipstick
Alice in blooming 2-toned lipstick

I also purchased 3 shades of lipstick from the beyond Alice in Blooming makeup range. These lipsticks are two-toned but a base colour of red.

Shade #01 Red colour.
Shade #03 Orangey red colour.
Shade #04 Pinky red colour.

I don’t think these are available in Singapore so if you would like one, you can get it here.

Alice in Wonderland sun screen
Alice in Blooming sun screen

The last item I picked up from this range, is the beyond Alice in blooming skin tone sunbase SPF 50+. In all honesty, the packaging was what sold me for this one. It’s matte finish with the pretty pink and gold details were just calling out to me. When I swatched some of the tester on my hand, I was surprised at how blendable the product was and how moisturising it felt. So I validated the buy ( as I do with everything else) and decided to give it a try.

Majorlica majorca black gel liquid liner
Majorlica majorca black gel liquid liner, 98 HKD (17 SGD) Heroine make mascara, 98 HKD (17 SGD)

I bought this mascara from Heroine Makeand eyeliner from Majorlica Majorca just because I was running out my my usual for both. I’m a big fan of Majorlica Majorca waterproof black mascara and have been using it everyday for years. Unfortunately it is pricey ($30) and I decided to try a cheaper alternative this time. My trusty etude house gel liner in #001 black was also drying out so I decided to try something new.

zara causeway bay
Zara trafaluc white shorts, 188 HKD (32 SGD)
Zara causeway bay
Zara trafaluc denim shorts, HKD 199 (SGD 35)
Hong Kong causeway bay zara
Zara Off-the-shoulder top, 199 HKD (35 SGD)
Zara White off-the-shoulder top, 199 HKD (35 SGD)

Moving on to clothing, I mentioned in my Hong Kong guide to causeway bay post that Zara in Hong Kong is significantly cheaper than in Singapore. Having this in mind, I was on a hunt and picked up a few staples which are now new favourites in my wardrobe. I’m feeling very contented.

Monki MongKok
Monki striped halter top and cream bottom down skirt

In one of my other Hong Kong posts, I also mentioned Monki as a shopping place worth checking out. the clothing there are affordable and definitely unique. You can surely find long-lined tops, matched with long flowy pants and sneakers. Not my style and maybe a seemingly disastrous combination, but you’d be surprised by the number of Hong Kong girls who can pull it off.

Hong Kong Lai Chi Kok culottes

I bought this pair of pants from Hong Kong industrial building in LaiChiKok. The building is similar to that of Platinum mall of Bangkok where many whole salers reside.

Hong Kong causeway bay forever 21
Forever 21 red tie skirt

I also bought this red skirt from forever 21 which I felt challenged by. I don’t really own any skirts that are this bold and bright in colour so I can’t wait to find new ways to match it.

Hong Kong newtown mall MongKok
White and black stripe top, 40 HKD (7 SGD). Pink faux suede skirt, 45 HKD (8 SGD)

I bought this top and skirt from Newtown mall in Mongkok. Newtown mall is similar to the Bugis street in Singapore, but cheaper. You can find shoes, clothes, accessories and everything else here for low prices. Be warned though that the items are defintely of low quality and is meant for fast fashion. Most of the clothing are Korean inspired, but don’t expect too much for each item you purchase.

Hope this post was enjoyable to read and satiates your innate need to know what others buy (I admit that’s me). Till next time!

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Kisses & lipstick smudges,





  1. Min

    hey joy! not sure if you remember me ahaha but i was from peihwa. those hello kitty lipsticks are so adorable! i need to go to hongkong. im am long overdue on a vacaeeee ahahha
    i just started blogging recently so do check it out xx


    1. Joy-Ann Chua

      Hi Min! I’m so sorry but I really don’t quite remember how we met? HAHAH were we ever in the same primary school class? Anyway I just checked out your blog and it’s pretty cool 🙂 maybe I can do a guest post on it in the future? Glad to hear from you!


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