Hong Kong egg waffles

Hong Kong: Guide to Causeway Bay

Hong Kong – the place known for bustling streets, incredible dim sum and of course, shopping. While the shopping and food districts are endless, from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mongkok to Central and Wan Chai, it can get pretty confusing as to where to head to first and how much time to allocate to each area. One of my personal favourite place to head to will no doubt be Causeway Bay. Known for the fantastic late night shopping and crowd to match, this place is your one-stop destination for all things Hong Kong. Do allocate atleast, half a day. I recommend, mid-afternoon till late.

Hong Kong causeway bay

For a good local meal, head over to Chee Kei Wonton Noodle for some authentic Hong Kong food. Be warned that the menu is in complete traditional chinese writing, read downwards. It may be a little tougher to order if your group is poor in Chinese or Cantonese. Nonetheless, this shop constantly has a steady stream of locals packed coming and going which is always a good sign when it comes to food.

Chee Kei Wonton Noodle 
84 Percival St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Phone : +852 2890 8616
Opening hours : 11am – 1130pm daily
Nearest MTR: Causeway bay (exit B)


A must eat in Hong Kong for sure, are these egg waffles. Some cafes sell them with gelato or ice-cream, such as oddies foodies or hvala waffle bar in Singapore’s 313 somerset. Having originated from Hong Kong, I like to eat them on their own especially when warm and freshly made. You will not miss this stall selling them at Casueway bay, but you can pretty much find them anywhere and at much lower prices too! Prices range from 10 HKD to 20 HKD depending on stall and location.

Yee SHun steam milk pudding


Another well-known staple in Hong Kong, will no doubt be the steamed milk pudding. Loved for it’s silky smooth consistency and the oh-so-sweet taste, this is a definite must-try when in Hong Kong. I went for the ginger steamed milk pudding topped with red bean at Yee Shun dairy company, and it was so SO satisfying. Definitely check this place out!

Yee Shun dairy company
Address: 506 Lockhart Rd, Hong Kong
Operating hours: 12pm-12 midnight
Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay (Exit C)


Catch a shopping break and have something sweet and refreshing from Hui Lau Shan. This franchise can be found in multiple places across Hong Kong and are famous for their mango drinks and desserts. I got the mango aloe jelly drink as well as the durian cheese pancake. I liked them both, but my family didn’t appreciate the durian cheese. It tasted like savoury durian which is definitely different from what we’re used to.

Hui Lau Shan
Address: 6 Yee Wo St, Hong Kong
Operating hours: 11am- 1am daily

Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay (exit E)

Via tokyo Hong Kong

A must try when in Hong Kong, is the highly raved about Via Tokyo. This mixed soft serve bowl consists of a waffle crisp bowl, matcha, original milk and houija tea flavoured soft serve ice-cream, red azuki beans and sweet potato mochi. The flavours were all strong and very authentic, an absolute treat for your taste buds. The store has a minimum dine-in order of 1 item per person, so if you can’t finish one alone (I definitely can’t!) you can always ask to have it takeaway.

Address: Hong Kong, 銅鑼灣 禮頓道106-126號禮信大廈地下1A-1B號舖
Opening hours: Mon- Thurs 11am-10.30 pm
                                Fri-Sun 11am-11pm
Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay (Exit F1)



Zara is not a foreign name to most of us girls. But it is out of the price range for many teens such as myself in Singapore. The great news is that the Zara in Hong Kong is significantly cheaper and much more affordable than the ones in Singapore. The same pair of shorts that I bought in Hong Kong costs 199 HKD (

Located in: Times Square
Address: 418-421, 1 Matheson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Nearest MTR: Casueway bay (exit A)


Forever 21 is also worth a visit when in Causeway bay. The prices are similar to that in Singapore, but there is definitely more variety. Standing 4 stories high, this forever 21 has stocks ranging from workout wear to party dresses, swim wear, shoes and accessories- essentially all a girl could ever need. Don’t forget to rummage through the sale sections for some good finds!

Forever 21
Address: Capitol Centre, 5-19 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Operating hours: 10am-1am daily
Nearest MTR: Causeway bay (exit F)
Hong kong causeway bay sasa

Sasa pretty much floods the streets of Hong Kong, especially so in Causeway bay. this is your one-stop beauty and make-up destination. There really is no need to go anywhere else. I often find myself wandering blissfully for hours in here. There is literally one Sasa at every turn, and at times even 2-3. My favourite outlet is the Sasa supreme flagship store in Causeway Bay. The shelves of products and never ending crowd gives me a rush of excitement and makes me want to buy everything! (Maybe it’s not such a great idea to shop here after all oops.)

 Sa Sa Supreme
G/F & 2/F, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, HK
Telephone: (852) 2555 0806
Opening Hours: 10:00 AM ~ 11:00 PM

Let me know if there’s any other places worth checking out in causeway bay and I’ll be sure to head over next time. Till then!

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