My everyday makeup routine

I’m sure we all have those days, where we wake up and realise we have a grand total of 20 minutes to get wash up, get changed and rush out of the house. Or perhaps, that’s you everyday? It’s tempting to just ditch the makeup and go out completely bare-faced, which is fine for causal dates with friends. But when I’m going to face customers at a retail job for 11 hours, I prefer looking more presentable and feeling more comfortable.  That’s where I developed my very own makeup routine, that can be done under 10 minutes, every single day.

Step 1: Sunblock

I never leave the house without sunblock at the very least. Living in sunny Singapore, the constant exposure to the sun can easily cause your skin to turn patchy and uneven. It’s important to both moisturise and apply sunblock, even if it seems like a cloudy day. The sunblock I use from Kose is both moisturising and has SPF, I’m really enjoying it!

Step 2: Primer

I’ve  always been the kind of person who’s too lazy to apply primer or foundation. But having used Benefit Porefessional, I’ve become a true convert. This primer has Vitamin E in it which is really good for you skin and conceals all your pores. It really evens out my skintone and has even helped to reduce my acne!

Step 3: Concealer

I don’t use foundation on an  everyday basis as I really don’t see the need for it, so concealer has become my best friend. I use collection 2000 concealer under my eyes as it’s rich and creamy consistency is perfect for covering my eyebags. For my other blemishes, I use MAC cosmetics studio finish concealer.

Step 4: Eyebrows

The good thing about having bangs, is that it hides my unruly- in desperate need for some threading, brows. I usually quickly fill in my brows using the lighter brown shade from Etude house Perfect brow kit and that’s about it.

Step 5: Eye ‘shadow’

No one has time for eyeshadow. Let’s be real. And even if there was, my attemot at smokey eyes has more often than not ended up looking as if I got into a fight. My simple solution is to run this Rimmel scandaleyes liner in a nude shade across my lid. It gives my eyes some colour, with minimal effort,

Step 6: Eyeliner

As big I fan I am for the winged eyeliner look, I can’t do it in a rush. I also can’t be bothered to touch up and reapply especially when I’m at work. Instead, I usually draw my eyeliner straight, using a gel formula rather than a liquid (very messy application especiallly in a rush!) or a pencil (tends to smudge more easily!).

Step 7: Mascara

My last and final step for my eyes will be mascara. I don’t bother to curl them when in a hurry and simply apply 1 coat to each eye.

Step 8: Powder


To lock everything in place, I use Rimmel translucent pressed powder over my T-zone to keep me oil-free all day.

Step 9: Lipstick

My last, final and favourite step. When in a rush, I find myself reaching for nudes rather than bold darker lip shades. I feel like those require more time to apply and better precision as well. I usually line my lips with a nude pinky lip pencil so the colour lasts longer, before applying a simple nude gloss over.

And that’s it! 9 really simple steps for my everyday routine. I generally don’t put on blush or contour unless I’m on a night out or am feeling extra fancy. Hope you enjoyed reading!




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