The ‘bad hair day’ girl

A bad hair day.

The problem every girl will face at some point of her week or month. While the cause of it is usually attributed to terrible bed hair, mine is attributed to the lack of a haircut. Being the type of girl that only gets her hair cut every 3-4 months, I often find myself caught in the awkward phase of having hair that is overgrown and basically a mop on my head. It’s too long to the chic, but too short to be sleek. So at this point of time, I’d resort to other means to fix my bad hair day, usually in the form of a cute hairstyle.

  1. The bandana girl

A new found favourite of mine, for it’s casual-ness and comfort level. The perfect way to get that overgrown fringe out of your face, while adding something extra to a basic outfit. Just knot your bandana twice at the top of your forehead and tuck the ends under. Wear it there, or as a hairband.

Tip: If you have massive, volumous curly hair, leave the bandana at the top of your forehead and you will look absolutely fantastic. And I would be so jealous.

2) The office girl

This look offers a more sleek style, and couldn’t be easier to accomplish. I’ve always had a struggle with ponytails as they tend to make me look bald. By simply tying up 3/4 of your hair with a large hair tie, and then tying up the bottom 1/4 with a small hair tie, your hair will appear long and fuller. You need not worry about looking bald again!

3) The flirty girl

I call this look the flirty girl as I would totally wear this to a 1st date. I think it looks cute and pleasant, while not being too over the top. While it’s definitely not as easy as the other 2 options, it can be easily done with just some practice. Start by separating hair at the crown of your head, and tying the rest into a low ponytail. Start from the side of your head that’s closer to your parting, and do a french braid as close to your forehead as possible, all across your head. Secure with an elastic and pin it into place!

4) The werk-it girl

When all else fails and you’re running out of the house, grab a cap and you’re set. Let’s be real, this is mainly me.


Let me know if you try these out and if you enjoyed reading!



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