Quinoa sushi

Growing up in Singapore, means I have access to a variety of cuisine all around the world. A common favourite among Singaporeans, if I could base this judgement off the multiple Japanese food chains in Singapore, is sushi. While sushi as a whole isn’t particularly unhealthy, I wanted to find a way to make it completely vegan, and simple carbohydrates free. Hence, Quinoa sushi came to life and I love it to bits. IMG_0988You will need (6-8 rolls):

1 cup Quinoa

2 cups of water

5-6 Tbs of rice vinegar (to taste)

1/3 yellow fermented pickle

1/2 carrot

1/3 cucumber

1 avocado

3 Portobello mushrooms (steamed)

IMG_09891. Rinse your Quinoa a few times before adding 2 cups of water and steaming it.

2. Add the vinegar into the rice and mix. Leave to cool.

3. Prepare your sushi ingredients by cutting them up into similar lengths and sizes. Add salt and pepper to your mushrooms and steam them till soft.

IMG_09904. Prepare your Makisu (sushi mat) and place a piece of sushi seaweed on it. Lay on your quinoa generously on the bottom portion of your seaweed.

5. Began to layer on all the ingredients as you wish!

Tip: Too little quinoa will cause your sushi to become soggy quickly and will fall apart more easily. IMG_09936. Once you are ready to roll, pull the seaweed towards the edge of the Makisu and begin to roll forward. Remember to press the sushi tightly on your first roll, before rolling over the rest of your seaweed.

IMG_0995IMG_09917. Cut your sushi roll into smaller pieces (or just eat it straight from the roll as I would do) and you’re all set! Dip them into miso dressing and soy sauce, and a hearty meal is served.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and let me know if you’ve tried it out!



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