Japanese girl makeup tutorial

Having come back from Japan a week ago, I’ve been trying to recreate a typical Japanese-girl look which I observed on my trip. I noticed that many of them tend to go for a more cutesy look with pale skin and rosy cheeks, rather than the strong highlight and contour that I usually go for. Hence, I challenged myself to try something new and this is what I came up with.

  1. Moisturiser


As we do at the beginning of every makeup look, begin with a clean face. Put on your favourite moisturising sun-block and you’re pretty much set. I used the Kose sun protect essence gel of SPF 50+.

2. BB cream

Asian girls typically go for BB cream over other foundation types, so I followed suite. For this look, I chose to use theatrical BB natural cover with SPF 28+ in the shade #30, and applied it all over my face using a beauty blender.

3. Concealer

The key to this look, is flawless skin. Almost every Japanese girl I saw had perfectly silky smooth skin, powdered to perfection. I used collection 2000 concealer for under my eyes in the shade warm medium, applying it with real technique’s pointe foundation brush. (In the photo above, I placed it under my right eye but not my left.)

I covered the rest of my spots with MAC studio finish concealer in the shade NC30.

4. Eyebrows

Now that we’re done with the face, we move on to eyebrows. I filled my brows in with Perfect brow kit from ETUDE house and applied KATE toky0 eyebrow colour gel to match my hair colour. (In the photo, my right eyebrow is filled in but my left is not.)

Tip: Japanese girls tend to fill their eyebrows in with powder or crayon/push up type of products. They rarely use grey or black colour as well and usually stick to the browns.

5. Blusher

This step is of huge importance. A must-have for this look is rosy pink cheeks, adding colour to the paler skin tone we have created. I prefer using a cream cheek stain as I feel it lasts longer and looks less cake-y. Here I used Rimmel London cream cheek in the shade 004. (I applied it on the right and not the left in the photo above).

6. Eyeshadow

I found this to be the trickiest bit as I noticed variations of eye-shadow colours and ways of application as I observed the Japanese locals. I decided to go for a safer, less elaborate look. I simply put the shade Tease all over the lid, and Chopper on the lower lid to give it more depth. Both shades are found in the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

7. Liner

Being commonly mocked for this trait, Asians strive to have larger eyes. This explains the need for a proper wing liner. I realised that Japanese girls prefer to draw the wing end downwards, following the curvature of the eye, rather than towards the eyebrow. This gives the illusion of a wider and brighter eye.

8. Tear liner

Unlike Westerners who like to line their lower lash line with dark colours, I realised Japanese do the opposite. Using ETUDE house Tear eyeliner in the shade #04 sunny teardrops, I lined my lower lash line, concentrating the product nearer to the inner corners of my eyes.ย This makes the eye look bigger and creates smiley eyes..

9. Masccara

When you walk into a Japanese cosmetic drugstore, there is one thing you will definitely never miss. False eyelashes. Famous for producing the highest quality yet affordable lashes, no look is complete without a set of them on. I simply put on one coat of Majorna Majolica Mascara, and placed the falsies on top!

10. Powder and liptick

It’s time to powder down and lock everything in place. I used Elf High definition powder which gives off a matte look, and put on Loreal’s lipstick in the shade Pink nude.

Tip: Japanese girls rarely touch dark lip colours. Local Japanese cosmetic brands tend to stick to a more limited range of lippies shades, usually towards the pinks and nudes, with a slight shimmer.


And there you have it! My take on a Japanese makeup look which I absolutely love. Hope it was helpful for you and let me know how it goes if you’ve tried it out.



      1. Amel

        Thank you! There are so many good aussie products but the one that sticks out to me is Lucas’ Papaw and Jurlique. Have you been to a Mecca Maxima or Mecca Cosmetica yet?


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