Dear Joy,

Merry Christmas!

The last few minutes of Christmas day is approaching and this is the first year you’re celebrating Christmas away from home, in Osaka. Even as you’re this privileged to travel the world and experience new cultures, it’s important to constantly pause and check your heart. Remember to fill it with gratefulness and thanksgiving that you are given so many opportunities.

Remember your family who instilled in you the morals and values to live by. Remember the things they have sacrificed for you and how unbelievably undeserving you are to be born into this family. Remember the earthquake museum you visited today, and how many may no longer be able to spend Christmas with loved ones, yet you can.

This is your family. The ones who inspire and love you daily.IMG_1439[1]IMG_1482[1]IMG_1486[1]IMG_1488[1]IMG_1490[1]IMG_1484[1]

Even as Christmas becomes increasingly commercialised with presents and dinners and parties, family will never  be unreal. It is one of the only constants.

But above all else, I hope you will always keep close to your heart the true meaning of Christmas. To remember how lucky you are to be so loved from above.



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